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Where is the most photogenic city in the world? 

The city where there is always something worth capturing, no matter the time or day? A city with so much diversity, no two pictures will ever look the same? Well,... NYC of course! The Big Apple! The city that never sleeps! The perfect Utopia for the New Yorkers that never sleep! Yours truly included. 

Every second of every day; as well as every day of every year, there is something going on. And the worst thing one can do about it is doing absolutely NOTHING! Life is too short to miss out on the incredibilities each day creates. Get out and EXPLORE! Get out and INSPIRE! Get up and cherish the beautiful manifestations throughout our environments!  

Just in case you haven't caught on yet, I'm quite the enthusiast. Apart from my jubilant enthusiasm, I am a huge supporter of cultural, inspirational, and motivational happenings . And spreading the word on these ideas is what I do best.! You can count on SSS to drag you up from the couch, and bring you to the outdoors! But since I can't show up to all of my readers couches, I showcase my adventures through SSS blog! Hoping to spread some explorational inspiration. Along with supporting those phenomenal individuals who put together positive and beautiful events.

From fashion shows to auto shows, and Archie to Picasso, you can find me documenting just about everything, anywhere! Alongside my handy dandy Canon SLR, SSS is always ready to capture remarkable moments all over the Empire State, and phenomenal lands abroad!
I share with you all, some of the events and exhibitions, 
I have had the pleasure of attending and documenting.

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All of the writing and photography is done by yours truly, unless otherwise stated.

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