The evolution of graffiti and street art.

Had the pleasure of attending "Graffolution"'s great opening at the Soapstone gallery in midtown. The exhibit showcased the evolution and unity of both graffiti and street art. Over 40 different artist from all over the globe displayed their work.

The place was packed! It was an awesome turnout. Unfortunately, the exhibition wasn't very ventilated. And the overpopulation turned it into a hotbox! Everyone was sweating everywhere you looked. But this was the only "down" at the exhibit. I was incredibly impressed at the art that filled the walls, and the enthusiasm the audience had towards every single piece.  I had the chance of documenting the art. Check it out and just a warning: my camera definitely sucks and i apologize :*(.

yours truly next to the amazing "NY burlesque" by Matt Siren
more pics of it later in post.

"Oil Pelicans" by vickipages

alan and i

Masahiro Ito's "untitled"
one of the exhibits most wonderful pieces

everything is handmade

pic with the artist

Matt Siren's "NY Burlesque"

Broken Haloz's "Haloz"

Etaks One's "untitled"

Abe Lincoln Jr's "Boosting Shit"

Joe Russo's "Lae Titia"
I am currently saving up to buy this MASTERPIECE.
i fell in LOVE.

Sanetwo's "Real Dogz Neva Die"

Toofly's "untitled"
Toofly, and she is TOO talented 
sucha fan of her work!!!

Meres's "untitled"

Juan Pinto's "Michael Jackson Metrocards"
done with all metrocards!! beautiful!!

Slave's "Nightvision"

Billi Kid's "M.I.A"

KA's "Rush Hour"

Josh Goldstein's "Hot, Fast, and Fresh"

Fumero's "I am Art"

Jene Vieve "Space Reid"

Gigi Bio's "Queens Frita"

Nemo's "untitled" 

Ribs' "Ribs"

Graffolution is running through 7/15- 8/15
11 w 36 st 
Make sure to stop by!


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Cosmetik Junkiee said...

i'm not a big graffiti fan but this stuff is dope.