NYC Agenda Trade Show!

The Agenda Trade Show is where today's streetwear and sportswear unite, showcasing the latest styles and catering to the masses of buyers, distributers, and press. The trade show welcomes brands of all sizes, from the spanking newbies taking their baby steps, to the well-known and well-established empires. Embracing not just fashion but  art, culture, style, and music as well. A melting pot of today's streetwear, Agenda Show is essential to those in the streetwear scene.

Yours truly had the pleasure of attending NYC Agenda which is only open to buyers, distributers, and press. I had an insightfully good time soaking in all of the upcoming designs that will soon blanket the streets! Having a  few friends in the biz, plus past streetwear modeling gigs, I have become quite familiar with the scene... so off to Agenda I went, for a refreshing update on what's new! Managed to take a few pics here and there, although many booths were prohibiting picture-taking. Check out some of my finds!

Welcome aboard the NYC Agenda Trade Show!

My charming friend Kimmi was also attending Agenda, so we decided to go together <3 Apart from being an absolute doll, Kimmi has experience in vintage fashions and aspirations in expanding in the field. Attending Agenda with her was superb, being that we shared mutual high interests in the show! Managed to catch a quick candid of her amidst the Agenda crowd.

Strolled along for some time but had to stop once I came across this snapback and fitted booth. I don't usually wear caps but I do have good knowledge in the fitted world. Having worked in New Era for years, I've learned to love the fitted cap! So I had to see what American Needle had to offer!

The sales manager was a complete sweetheart, as she showed me around and answered all of my questions. Everytime I inquired about a certain style, she'd pop up with it in hand and allowed me to photograph. First, I asked about their Cooperstown collection... and up came a Pirates pillbox along with a variety of popular Cooperstown styles! The green brim cap to the right is actually a New York Yankees cap. Quite a popular item, with plenty in stock!

Hmm, Cooperstown is great to have but I decided to get a bit more trivial. So I then asked about Negro Leagues caps. And up popped four different styles of them! Hmm... She was good... so I then decided to throw a curveball at her and asked about any HBCU caps.. 

... and that's when over five different styles of black college caps came up. 
I knew then this booth wasn't playing any games! Hats off to them!

Thanks to Laura for being such a sweet cap connoisseur!

Kept strolling along until I bumped into my friend Mike, PR of RocksmithNYC at a Rocksmith booth. The brand being quite popular nowadays, I had to take a look around!

I was then introduced to Josh, also a Rocksmith PR who gave me a great tour of the up and coming styles! Don't want to give too much away so here's a few sneak peeks!

An upcoming Rocksmith x GoodWood collab! 
I know tons of iPhone enthusiasts will go crazy for these!

Thanks to Josh for the mini tour!

Said my thank you's and goodbye's at Rocksmith, and then came across this eye-catching booth showcasing the up and coming new line Moss, decorated with over 10 bottles of 40oz malt liquor. 
This I had to see!

Neutral shades and tribal prints are always a go in my book! The line just entered the scene and made its debut day one of Agenda. Had a lovely meet and greet with the owner/director of Moss, Shahed. Shahed was pleasant and filled me on the brands successful debut at the show and their upcoming Spring release. Definitely looking forward to it!

Wish they had these in a ladies size 2!!!!! HOT!!

Shout out to Shahed for the 411!

One of the bigger showcases was the Herschel Supply Co. 
Fine quality backpacks, luggage, and cases. 

I absolutely loved the vivid prints on all of the different style bags!


Another large showcase, Obey.
Maybe we have been living under a rock, but neither Kimmi nor I knew much about Obey's clothing line. Nonetheless, we still skimmed through racks of apparel and accessories showcased, and actually found some goodies!


One of my favorites was the collection of different colored baseball tees,
designed with the always eccentric and gorgeous Obey-styled crests.

Even though it's menswear, even a girly-girl like me would definitely flaunt one these!!


As if the baseball tees weren't enough, this Keith Haring basic beanie completely stole my heart! Checking out Obey's superb upcoming styles, my tomboy side has been awakened and inspired!

One of my last stops was the Mishka booth. Where they were not allowing any pictures :(
I wish I could have shown you all the very stylish pastel button downs the line will be releasing... quite a different approach the brand has taken. But wait till you fellas check them out! I'm positive they'll be an absolute success!


Agenda show was an absolute pleasure to attend!

Great bumping into old friends and new ones!

And anyone else who made the show pleasant :)


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