My New Hair Doo! Ombre!

Hey loves!!!
I was feeling inspired one day and decided to give myself a brand new look!
I had been sporting my natural black hair for 3 years and hadn't dyed a single strand the entire time.
But the daredevil in me took over one day and VOILA!

Ombre hair had been peeking my interest for some time now. It's truly a gorgeous summertime look! I am an absolute DIY girl... I do all of my own grooming. From manicures to haircuts to treatments,  I am my own beauty salon. I took a leap of faith and decided to do my own ombre hair. Did my research, bought my tools and 3 hours later a brand new Stephie was born!

I absolutely LOVE my new hair! It's tons of fun!
Took a little bit of getting used to but now I am in love!
So fun to style and so vibrant!

What do you guys think of SSS new look???
Check out more pics of my new doo!


What do you guys think of my new doo?

Any tutorial requests let me know!



Miss Cindia* said...

I love it! You did a great job!

Anonymous said...


i'm an algerian girl and i think that ombre hair it's very beautiful.
The result on your hair is very good. Please do a tutorial.


Robelkis said...

You look so hottt;*

joni1971 said...

Everything you do it's so great !!!

S.S.S said...

@Miss Cindia*

Thank you tons! Glad you like!

S.S.S said...


Thank you so much! I will be doing an ombre tutorial soon!

S.S.S said...

@Robelkis So awesome of you, thank you babes!

S.S.S said...

@joni1971 Very flattered, thank you!

Tawnnnnay said...

What color did you use?

yvonneperez said...

i need your help ..i love it and would like to know if you have a tutorial so i could follow on how you got it down..i know you bleached it please thanks