Ascension Art Show

If  you've followed my blog, you would know by now how much of a huge supporter I am towards artist Masahiro Ito. A man of many hats and pure, raw imagination. Masahiro has been on a roll, showcasing his work throughout his sole exhibitions this year. Kicking off his wild streak with  Eye of the Wolf, which brought in great success. He then followed with Ascension, which was a bit like a "part deux" of Eye of the Wolf. Masa always has a great following of loyal supporters consisting of fellow gifted artists, musicians, models, bloggers, and the art-appreciative crowd. Ascension showcased Masa's lovely designs, modeled by a few gorgeous ladies... some photographed by Masa himself..!! He's a  jack of all trades, I must say!  Shots from my "Thunderwolf and his She-Wolves" post were a part of the exhibition.  

Ascension Art Show flyer.

Whos that on the flyer..?? ;)

Ascension was showcased at the Dis Micro Gallery/reBar in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

The man of the hour, and I.

Masa's partner in crime STEVE...!!

He's such a charmer!!

The stunning Crystal Llanos and I... my fellow She-Wolf.

The PHENOMENAL Juan Carlos Pinto attended the showcase...
An incredibly gifted and unique artist, best known for his MetroCard art...

I was blushingly flattered to not only meet him, but to find out he had actually purchased one of my "Mayan Princess" prints (original posted behind him in the above picture). He's such a charmer, he asked me to sign it too...!! <333

Make sure to check out his creations at 

Here's a portrait he made of Masahiro himself...! Featured in Ascension.

Throughout our shoot in the woods with Masa, Crystal and I were featured in a short film.
Here's Crys checking it out for the first time.... awesome video!

Snapshot of the footage :)

ON THE PROWL.....!!!!

Beautiful "Send LOVE to JAPAN Headpiece"

A collaboration between two wonderful talents; Masahiro and Jennifer Ouellette.

Art comes to LIFE...!!

Stunning blonde draped in Masa's furs.

Yours truly <3

The gorgeous Tee.Kay.Elle. also modeling Masa's colorful garments.

She did such a great job!

Check her out at

My she-wolf Crystal.

S.S.S feelin' like a BOSS..!

Crys again... gosh she's so flawless...!!


Vivid captures in classic black frames.


S.S.S business cards HOLLA!! ;p

Dollface badges for just $1..!!

S.S.S Cristalina and Tee.Kay.Elle...!!

My goodie bag <3

Yours truly was featured on a tee shirt.... <3

The designer himself.... HOT!

hella hype lol 

S.S.S x Masahiro Ito TEE..!


Some of the awesome merchandise was being raffled off...
and yours truly was the host of the raffle.

Me, red wine, and a microphone?


 I can be a bit silly <3

Who's winning the raffle???

Homegirl won one of my shots. Dope! 

All this great merchandise and more will be available in Masahiros upcoming shows...

Which I will keep you posted on, so stay tuned!

Crys, Tee.Kay.Elle + S.S.S

Peep my essentials on the side table ;p

Lovely Ladies!

Homegirls shoes were FIRE.

My wonderful Jerrameel came through to support...!

He loves Masa's work and is such a sweet friend of mine <3 <3

Masa feelin nice with all the awesome support <3

Felt wonderful seeing all the support!

Jesse and I <3

Such a sweetheart to some through!!

He's the man behind the "Anonymous Affairs" videos, reading the anonymous questions to me.

I refer to him as "J.Krillz" in my video lol ;)

Two VERY fine fellas...!!!!!

Michael, the man behind WWW.SRMNY.COM 

A blog one MUST check out.. very worthy! <3 <3 <3

and Jerrameel again... who brought along some of HIS superb artwork...

Isn't his work FANTASTIC...??!!!

Jerry you're so inspirational <3

I had to take some time out and model my outfit a bit.

Rebellious Sophistication, I'd say.

Emphasizing on my new studded top.

Handmade by yours truly <3333333

I've gotten GREAT feedback on the few studded garments I've made.

I'll have an upcoming post on a "how-to" on this top and a pair of studded daisy denims I made...


This pic has been circulating throughout quite alot....

1178 notes so far

*_____* !!!

yours truly, gracefully unruly ;)

Here's a some lovely captures of Ascension by Ryosuke Suzuki

Stay tuned to S.S.S blog for more incredible art...!!


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