Play Me, I'm Yours.

Eighty Eight pianists throughout  NYC performed their best symphonies for onlooking New Yorkers. Using waterfronts, parks, boardwalks, and even post offices as their auditorium. These pianists consisted of 12 year old girls, 29 year old men, and even yours truly. Anyone whose heart desired music, got to star in their own performance. Throughout the month of June, 88 pianos were sprinkled throughout the five boroughs, for all to admire and for all to play whatever songs they wanted to play.

Sing for Hope is a non-profit organization supporting volunteer service programs benefitting schools, hospitals, and communities. All with the help of professional artists  such as classical musicians to photographers to Broadway performers. Sing for Hope gave New Yorkers access to the arts by showcasing 88 pianos throughout different communities. Each piano was gorgeously customized by a different volunteer artist; including Broadway stars, local songwriters, and even ballerinas. This annually showcased project is called The Sing for Hope Pop-Up Pianos, inspired by  Britain based artist Luke Jerram, holding the world’s largest street piano installation to date, and reaching over two million people. The exhibition ended July 2nd and the pianos were donated to schools and hospitals throughout NYC.

The Pop Up Pianos project and all those involve had one motive:
to help bring the arts to all New Yorkers.

Yours truly, being the arts enthusiast she is, decided to go on a piano scavenger hunt.
On the prowl from Manhattan to Queens to to Harlem to Brooklyn, I managed to capture 10 beauitiful pianos.

Check out the gorgeous pieces I befriended <3

My Artist is: Michael Kale 

My keys are at: Broadway and W 42nd St. 

My name is: Upright Piano (Drips) 

This is what my artist says about me: Both the artist's systematic method and nature's chaos play equal roles in the creation of this piece. Special thanks to Dr. Ian Malcolm. 

You can find my artist at:

This was the first beauty I encountered. Nice put in 42nd street under a street sign. 
With its vivid paint drips design, it stood out from blocks away!

My Artist is: Walker Fee 

My keys are at: Broadway and W 45th St. 

My name is: Peacocks & Peonies 

This is what my artist says about me: Every image on this piano has been carved out of every-day household painter's tape and masking tape 

You can find my artist at:

Another piano in Times Square. I got to play this one for a bit until it got bombarded with tourists!!

My Artist is: Jillian Logue 

My keys are at: 42nd Street and 5th Avenue 

My name is: Subway quilt piano 

This is what my artist says about me: My piano is inspired by the way people glance around on the NYC subway cars, avoiding staring at anyone for too long, and taking in a dizzying amount of tiny bits of diverse people, objects, and activities. 

You can find my artist at:

This piano gave me a hard time finding it!!! It was said to be found in Bryant Park. But was actually on 42nd and 5th! About a block away... made the scavenger hunt a lot more fun though I must admit!

My Artist is: Isaac Mizrahi 

My keys are at: Broadway and 33rd St. 

My name is: Hello Miss Piano 

This is what my artist says about me: A shocking shade of pink, showered in glitter and adorned with a larger-than-life bow. They're my favorite three things. In don't know what inspires them except the 12-year-old girl that's deeply rooted in my soul. 

You can find my artist at:

Allow me to introduce you to my favorite piano <3 

I was in awe when I came across this pink gorgeousity in the middle of Herald Square!

My Artist is: Jenna Samotin 

My keys are at: 37th Ave. and 78th St. 

My name is: Margherita 

This is what my artist says about me: Inspired by fabric and the abstract patterns of an urban landscape, the colors and rich texture allude to the subtle beauty of, say, a wall of peeling paint in NYC. 

You can find my artist at:

Piano found in my home borough Queens! Right by the post office in Jackson Heights.

I managed to capture a few shots of the beauty and even play it for a bit. Until a random rainstorm approached! This was around 1am by the way!

Covered the piano of course to protect it from the rain.

The blue weatherproof cover is provided along with a sign reminding New Yorkers to cover the piano when done playing :)

My Artist is: Lauryn Pepe 

My keys are at: E 120th St. and Sylvan Place 

My name is: today we play 

This is what my artist says about me: Color on top of color to create a harmonious mood. Designed lines and imagery to express movement. When the magic combination of keys are played, the melody captures our attention. Perfect partnership of bringing a unique vision to the body that holds the keys! 

You can find my artist at:

Headed to Harlem and found this baby! Another late night encounter by the way ^__^

My Artist is: Sing for Hope Staff 

My keys are at: 48th Ave. and Center Blvd. 

My name is: Second Time Around 

This is what my artist says about me: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

You can find my artist at:

A second piano in my homeborough of Queens. This ones found in the GORGEOUS Gantry State Plaza waterfront park. I managed to get a few shots of this beautiful Queens site.

Notice the lovely couple in the background <3

Beautiful view!

They really know the perfect spots for the pianos!

Waterfront views are my absolute favorite!

My Artist is: Scott Ackerman 

My keys are at: Washington Park and Willoughby Ave. 

My name is: play lots 

This is what my artist says about me: Like my paintings, my piano is a step into my idea of this hectic, busy, fun life we live, and how colors and words can trigger different emotions in all kinds of different people. Have lots of fun, and love what you do. 

You can find my artist at: Scott's webpage 

While on my piano hunt, I took a stroll to Brooklyn and brought along my great friend Travis. Who happily joined the scavenger hunt!

We found this bad boy in Fort Greene Park! 

Travis thinking about what song to play next!

Amazing company and late night tunes in the park... such wonderful nights!

My Artist is: Scott Glaser 

My keys are at: Myrtle Avenue and Washington Park

 My name is: Homage to Fred 

This is what my artist says about me: My piano is a tribute to Fred Patella, king of the keys. Without his care and craftmanship, our pianos would be beautiful, very large, paperweights. Thanks Fred! 

You can find my artist at:

Right around the corner we encountered another piano. 
This BEAUTIFULLY rouge painted piece was a tribute to piano technician Fred Patella. 

Definitely ended up being a favorite of mine!

Afterwards, we of course saved its keys!

My Artist is: Hannah Hogan 

My keys are at: Centre St. and Brooklyn Bridge 

My name is: Summer Blossoms 

This is what my artist says about me: This brightly colored flowered piano is intended to spread summer cheer. 

You can find my artist at:

My last piano in my hunt...

...was this beautiful summer enthusiast piece <3

Intended to spread summer cheer, I think this beauty did its job just fine!

I would have found m ore pianos but I unfortunately started my hunt too close to the end date :(
But getting a chance to document them was absolutely wonderful.

If you want to learn more about the Pop Up Pianos, make sure to check out 

You'll find all 88 pianos that were showcased throughout NYC, along with pictures, videos, and upcoming tours! Support and appreciate the arts <3

Hope you enjoyed <3


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great friend i think not. best friend indeed.

great piano hunt tribute

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I had a wonderful time hunting pianos with you!