Thunder Wolf's Eye of the Wolf Artshow.

Thunder Wolf.

i am blessed to have the acquaintance and affinity of many talented and inspirational artists. but one artist that i am very lucky to have an alliance with is Masahiro Ito. he is one of the most unique, gifted and enlightening individuals i have the pleasure of knowing. Brooklyn based via Japan... sculptor, painter, graphic designer, fashion designer, animator,  and mix media artist... he truly is a jack of all trades. his work is a reflection of his unique individuality and expression of homage towards his influences. his craft embraces everything from hip hop and graffiti arts, to mother nature and native american culture. honoring his passions through his creative endeavors.

on april 7th masahiro starred in  his solo show "Eye of the Wolf" at the dis micro gallery in dumbo brooklyn. a marvelous visual event composed of  the  different art forms masa uses for his expressions. paintings, installations, fashion, figurines, video. and even recylcing. also featuring the many talented artists that have worked with masahiro. yours truly having the pleasure of being one of them.

meeting masa at Graffolution was the beginning of one of my favorite collaborations. you can check out my blog post on our collabo by clicking here.  it's always a delight having the opportunity to work with exalting individuals who burst of contagious inspirations.

Eye of the Wolf runs from april 7th to june 1st.
there is also an upcoming exhibition  by masahiro at the same location.
the show is called  ascension and will run from may 5th to may 31st.

yours truly... all dolled up and shit ;*

canvas work


lovely <333

def one of my top 5 faves. 



stunning shades...!!

collaborative pieces...

oh, hello ;)

stephiesosexy x masahiro ito x tokio

yours truly modeling one of masa's lovely designs.

"Mayan Princess"

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

better view of it here... minus the flash ^__^

mister masa himself, and i :) <3

photographer Tokio Kuniyoshi's capture of mas wearing one of his designs. 


lovely  reese antoinette and s.s.s collaboratives.

the gorgeous reese antoinette draped in masa's luscious furs <3


tokio is truly talented. he captured such wonderful images.

gigi bio x masahiro ito

gigi's work is so captivating yet original  !

live colab piece where everyone became a part of the show by signing it ^_^

 it was raffled off at the end of the night. awesomeness.


onto one of masa's most recognizable work... sculptures <3

....beautifully crafted...

 of a kind....



he embraces his urban inspirations through his work.

super dope turntable art!!!

the intricate details and robust effort makes all the wonderful difference!

masa's piece "God bless Japan" 

which he donated to an auction where 
100% of the proceeds went towards the devastation in japan. 


masa merch...!!

gorgeous merchandise for sale at the exhibiton. 

everything from buttons to figurines to accessories to posters to tee shirts...!!!


my favorites <3

mas and his lovely merch assistants ^___^

the party/mingling room <3

loved this room.

reminded me of alice in wonderland... dumbo,bk style ;)

video on the artist himself :)

beautiful model reese antoinette, masa, and i :)

quick pic with masa and my hot date model cristalina <3

bumped into miss Tee.Kay.Elle herself at the show. 
she was looking gorgeous and rocking her lovely hat <3

and yes thats my hot ass date Crystal <3333

my wonderful and very talented friend Steve from the band The Fire and the Reason 
swung by to show support. Steve you are superbbbbbbbbbb <3333!!!!

bumped into another phenomenal and inspirational artist....


crystal getting her networking on.

aowwwww ;)

who wouldnt want to work with such a beautiful model??

ahhhhhhh my amazingly supportive buddy jerrameel <33333333

ahhh jerry is sucha sweetheart!!

another lovely acquaintance! <333

my awesome friend DJ <3

definite intoxication in progress ^___^

at least on my part.

i simply CANNOT say no to red wine <3

you already know ;*

you also already know this lol

got lots of sweet compliments on my cheetah print mani. 

(which i have perfected now btw ;)

managed to take a pic with a fellow nail art enthusiast <333

one of my many highlights of the night ^__^

bumped into the sweet and talented artist melissa arce 

 who i'd love to network with more often now that i've had the pleasure of meeting her <3

and i almost flipped a fucking biscuit when she surprised me 
with this gorgeous one of a kind handmade sticker. 

isnt it like fucking awesome?!???

 i absolutely LOVED it <3333333333 

and it now has a happy home in which i will share with you guys in an upcoming post ^_^

thanks mel!!!!!!!!

RAFFLE TIME ^__^....!!!!!!!!!!

winner number one <3

winner number 2 dizmo!


winner number 3..!!

he won the "love" live collaboration piece everyone signed ^__^

lucky guy!

yours truly being and girl and whatnot ;*

lol DJ found the most random hygienic product on the floor.

this is quite hilarious while intoxicated.

yours truly feeling..... nice ;)

wine stained lips = sign of a good time ^__^

couple of foxes ;)

fun pics taken by others ^__^

lmao @ my face


i had a FANTASTIC night..!!!

i was SO happy to see so many people come out and support masahiro.

it was a wonderful turnout and i am SO happy for him!

loved seeing everyone appreciate wonderful wholesome artwork.

he is truly a one of a kind artist...!!

and i am obviously a huge fan of his creations ^___^

i was also very happy to network with so many people <3

not to toot my own horn but it was pretty awesome seeing how many people really liked my photo.
many were interested in purchasing it and many were also asking me to pose next to it for a pic hahahahh

... kinda awesome ^____^

i unfortunately did not have my business cards delivered in time for the show >__<

damn you to hell fedex.

but i have them now :)

Eye of the Wolf runs from april 7th to june 1st.

if you missed the opening reception you missed out on a great night and a great atmosphere...

but fear not...!!

because Ascension is coming...


  Dis Micro Gallery / Rebar in dumbo, brooklyn
opening reception thursday  may 5th 

 6 to midnight 

music: DJ Peace

come check out all of the gorgeous work i talked about and more...!!! 

featuring new artist collaborations....!!! . <3

COME BY for a great time and show support..!!!

more info found here.

hope you enjoyed <333


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