New York's Comic Con 2010!!

New York's Comic Con 2010 at long last arrived! after 20 long and dragging months of waiting and anxiously anticipating, new york's comic book enthusiasts finally got the chance to run out of their houses, dress up in the most extravagant costumes, celebrate and rejoice! 

of course, yours truly being a devoted, and captivated ARCHIE COMICS FAN, i ultimately HAD TO attend! oh man i went from a 22 year old to a 4 year old kid in disneyworld with a lifetime supply of toys and candy. wide eyed, jubilant, spending cash like i own microsoft, and non stop smiling, you couldn't tell me NOTHIN!!! i was sweetly accompanied by my good friend Jerrameel.  check it out!

on my way. the smile is an understatement.

got my gear! fully equipped!


so THE BIGGEST goal of my visit to nycc was to see Dan Parent.
my absolutely favorite Archie comics artist/writer.
i also love Dan Decarlo, an Archie comics LEGEND. but he passed away ;(

Dan Parent is wonderfully talented.
i feel he depicts Archie comics perfectly through his work.
he's also worked with Disney, Barbie, and Felix the cat and more.
very easy going, humble person too!

i had an epileptic seizure the first time i met him last year.
i figured meeting him a second time this year, wouldn't be as nerve racking.
i figured wrong...

:::walks sheepishly towards booth::

"hi Dan Parent.... i am a HUGE FAN."


 after that i just tried to keep it cool with good conversation and 
captures of his superb sketches...

almost passed out on 
top of all his wonderful work!
i was so pleased to see 5 11 x 17 posters of my favorite
veronica cover (yet). i knew i was going to walk away with one!
signed too!
here he also has jughead as an avatar!
so clever <33

more of his work.. 
i couldn't dare look at him..
had to play it cool...

talent is an understatement

took about 4 attempts to get a picture where i didn't come out looking 
ridiculously goofy. this was the best i could do -___- 

bought a veronica piece!!!!
veronica as wonder woman...
greeting me <33
it was dan's favorite!!
im sucha dweeb.

after my over exaggerated excitement spasm.
 jerry and i moved on to the rest of the convention! 
bumping into some eye catching costumes...

mad hatter x edward scissorhands!

this ensemble, to me, was the best in the whole convention.
with just the push of a button on his gauntlet his suit would transform!

onto the archie booth!!!!

twilite! not a twilight fan but this is a must have issue.

the writer for the archie x twilight series Angelo Decesare!

steph trying to approach talented men without looking like a fool. fail.

veronica #202... a revolutionary issue!!!
introduing archie comics first gay character kevin!

archie comics x dan parent x versace!

donatella herself designed a wardrobe for the new archie character.
and i, of course, own two copies. first print. signed by dan parent <33

sorry betty. sorry veronica. sorry ladies. he's mine.

i need this in my room.

bumped into ANOTHER obsession! zeldaaaaaa <33

jerrameel scanning through awesomely cheap comics!! 


archie being the womanizer he is -____-

jerry kickin it to a very sexy rogue! ;)

historic isssue!

archie x jersey shore!!!!!!!!!!!


the makeup in this booth was S I C K!!!!!!

rollin deep!

ninja turtles blanket! super cute..!

homegirl was having 45+ people taking pics of her!
3 cans of hair spray she said!

i think its lovely <333

cutie <33333

they had these "TAG HERE" cubes...
luckily i brought a sharpie ^__^


you already know!!!

Jerry met a few friends!

cute baby we bumped into after leaving the convention.

all smiles!!!!

here are some of the things that left me bankrupt :)

currently one of my most prized possessions

vintage goodies!
I'm a SUCKER for vintage Archie!!!
these are from the early 60's.
my first vintage Archie joke book
and my first vintage digest...
with work from DAN DECARLO <33 <33 <33

got these lovely veronicas signed by the awesome Dan parent.
the first issue is where dan parent meets veronica.
he dead ass MEETS her. its fucking awesome.
the second one is the REVOLUTIONARY veronica #202 with 
openly gay character Kevin! also by the awesome Dan parent.
and the third issue is my favorite Archie comics cover as of yet.
by of course,
Dan parent.

a few more REALLY CHEAP goodies that i stocked up on

and my awesome poster <33

this is a commissioned piece i got at last years comic con.
soon to be accompanied by my other awesome pieces.

i had such a spectacular time at the convention... 
and my countdown to next years NYCC starts NOW!!

enjoyed such pleasant company for the last few days <33 <33 <33 

also got my iphone4 jail broken and unlocked with the LONG ANTICIPATED release of limera1n. very tedious procedure but the results are pure iphone awesomeness!! 

obviously alot has been taking up my time, being the reason that i haven't updated in a few days. but i have been changing the layout here and there. got tired of the black/charcoal color scheme. way too depressing. 

i am now going for a clean, convenient and inviting look. incorporating heather greys, black&whites, and a touch of sophisticated burgundy. it is, of course, not finished :( 

hope you enjoyed <33

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