Action Bronson @ Southpaw!

Last month, New York waved goodbye to one of it's most cherished venues, Southpaw. Amidst the fellow New Yorkers, rocking out onstage was Queens based rapper Action Bronson along with a posse of performers: Smoke DZA, The Kid Daytona, Harry Fraud, Party Supplies, Meyhem Lauren, Mr. M-fin' eXquire, Das Racist, Despot, El-P and many more... the posse ran deep! Everyone did amazingly putting on a phenomenal show, saluting the classic hip-hop institution, and bidding a bittersweet farewell. Making all of New York's hip-hop lovers proud!

As I've mentioned before, I've been very backed up on updates due to my recent absence. My poor Canon has been jam packed with tons of great content from last month, with no one to appreciate it! So when I finally got the time to sit down and look at all of it, I was so thrilled to share it all with my readers! This event being one of my February highlights, I had an absolute blast! 

Check out some of the shots I captured that night!

Inside the venue, a timeline of classic events!

11:30pm and BamBam wasted no time in blessing the crowd! 

Bronson brought out an awesome gift for his fans, a picture of baby Bronson in full baseball gear! Sending it out into the crowd, there's a lucky fan out there somewhere with this gem mounted on their wall!

Meyhem Lauren takes the stage alongside Bronson, both going way back before rap!

Surprise guest Cormega hits the stage and the crowd was absolutely loving it! More Queens!! ;)

Meyhem and Ice... boys since the 90's!

Group shot! These guys all go way back....!! So awesome!

Managed to get a pic with the chef himself ;) 
Apart from being ridiculously talented, he is an absolute gentleman!

Action really makes a Queens girl proud!!!

Fun night!!


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Ronald Grant said...

It's still really a trip that Southpaw is gone now; I just went there for the first time last summer on my first trip to Brooklyn for the Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest. Was really looking forward to going back. What can I say? Looks like it was a great night! R.I.P Southpaw.