New York Auto Show 2012!

The super sexy Duramax 6.6l v8 turbo diesel engine and I.

Spring has arrived, and with it comes tons of exciting events. One of which is the New York Auto Show! It seemed like it was just yesterday that I found myself drooling over the beauties showcased at the Jacob Javits Center for the first time. After my first encounter with the event, a second one was a must! When I heard the 2012 NYAS was around the corner, I HAD TO attend! It seems as if the event gets bigger and better every year, this year truly surpassing the last! A $15 ticket will get you into the world of automotive ingenuity, at its finest!

Within the last two years, I have become quite the auto-world enthusiast. From vintage beauties to striking exotics, every model&make makes my heart swoon! You don't have to be an auto junkie to find the NYAS amazing, everyone of all ages and interests will find this showcase to be a must see!

Check out the revving beauties I encountered at this years New York Auto Show!

**Click on images for a better hi-rez view!!

Guests were greeted by one of the the shows highlights, the 2013 Terrafugia "Flying Car"... Mankind's step into the long process of perfecting the anticipated flying car!

 Check out this video on how the innovative design spreads its wings!

Onward we go... and onto my absolute favorite driving machine... BMW <3

This year's BMW showcase was a huge upgrade from last year's. This made my heart melt! But what really had me going was the exhibition of the bmw i8 concept! An absolute BEAUTY!!!


BMW does it again!!

BMW 2013 M6 Convertible in a very sexy true blue <3



After drooling over the BMW showcase, I had to keep it moving!
Onward I went to Mercedes-Benz!

The uber hot SLS AMG Roadster !! The red-hot interior is too fitting!

Shotgun shorty!

Took things up a notch and headed toward some pricey beauties!

Like this showstopper Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport with the black hood. SIGH!


$1.7 MILLION of sexy!

Lamborghini Aventador!

Such a sight!

Most of us don't know about the gorgeous McLaren MP4 12C...

But that didn't take away from it's beauty

Another overseen company, Lotus.

I had to step off my million-dollar car cloud and get back to reality!

On to Lexus we went!

The Lexus LFA! A huge hit at the moment!

Had to snap a quick pic of this gorgeous Lincoln lincoln 1934 Edsel Ford model 40 Special Speedster!

The New Classic!

Acura NSX Concept blew my mind!!
Resembling the i8 (in my opinion) but still phenomenal!!!

Had to visit Porsche without a doubt!

Check out this beautiful Porsche Boxster!

Came across the beautiful Fisker Karma... 400 horsepower luxury sedan with a solar roof panel!

The Fisker Karma harnesses energy from the sun to extend the driving range for up to an additional 200 miles annually!!

The Karma comes with a standard 110V convenience charger. The optional 220v high-voltage charging station significantly reduces the Karma’s charging time and can be easily installed in homes with standard electrical service.

Now onto some little guys!!

The Scion iQ is only 10 feet long yet seats four people, making it the world's smallest four-seater!

The 2013 Beetle TDI!

Love VW Beetles!

Can't talk about small cars without talking about the Smart Car!

One of my favorites!

Here is a Smart ForTwo completely naked!

And check out the Smart Brabus Tailor Made model!!


Make it your own!
Check out and see how awesome this is!

Mini Cooper showcase is always fun!


This Mitsubishi i-MiEV Sport Air is a little weird... I almost couldn't tell what was the back or front!

Still very innovative!

So the little guys were fun... but I wanted to check out some more showstoppers!
Like the 2013 Dodge Viper SRT .... SIGH! 

Red hot sex!

I was blown away by Kia's GT Concept... such a beauty!!!


While we were at it, we checked out some race cars!

NYAS was showcasing real race cars!

Like the Dodge Dart RallyCross!

Check out this video of this racin beauty in action!!

Had to get a pic with the lovely Red Bull Model!!

Bumped into my gorgeous Viper again!
This time it's sister, the 2013 Viper GTS-R took my breath away!

The Mazda RX-8 #70 !!

Ford had a lovely city view along with its showcase!

Speaking of views... Check out these views!!


Took it back to the future and found a beautiful DeLorean!!!

The DeLorean mirror finish is a thing of beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, I love big cars by the way ;)

You can't have a super automotive showcase with some CUSTOMS!

One of my favorite parts of the NYAS is the DUB Show tour expo!
That's where the party's really at!

Check out some of the beauties found at the NYAS DUB Show!

So colorful!

Night fell upon the Jacob Javits Center... leading my ooo-ing and awww-ing to an end!

This year's Auto Show was an absolute delight!

Already began my countdown to next years expo!!!

Check out my coverage on last year's Auto Show HERE !!

Hope you enjoyed these 4-wheeled beauties as much as I did!


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