Galeries Lafayette, you aint seen shopping yet!

Greetings gorgeous readers! 

As you know, i am spending my last few days of 2010 in the city of love... the city of lights... Paris! visiting my wonderful dad. #daddysgirl!. i come out here every couple of years or so, and every time i do, i fall in love all over again visiting every famous, and not so famous, yet still breathtaking, landmarks. right now though, i am in bilbao, spain...!!! this city has captivated me entirely!! i'll share my experience here in bilbao with you guys in the next few posts... as for now lets speak french!

one of the places i always stop by in paris is the extravagant Galeries Lafayyete. now, i live in nyc... so i am pretty familiar with the extravagancy some fashion venues may bring. but nothing compares to the fashion hot spots paris has to offer! galeries laffayette being one of them! as soon as you approach the shopping center, you're greeted by flashing lights of all colors, sizes, and luminosity! it's like one big fashion party!! 

my daddy spoils me rotten when i'm out here, 
so while out shopping, i  brought along my camera to take you 
guys on a tour of this fashion wonderland...!!!

on our way.....!!

here we are!!!!!

like a church of fashion!!!

a chapel of style!!!

lights along the side...


started off in the mens department. 

my daddy loves lecoste!

my daddy shopping ^___^
he put me on this great mens line called Eden Park.

french based and very similar to lacoste, eden park is kind of like a sporty ralph lauren. with a very cute pink bowtie logo, originating from an old rugby team joke.

my daddy purchased 3 of these... i love!!!

i'm a sucker for men in ralph lauren...

new years mannequins! 

apart from discovering eden park, i also came across zadig&voltaire
founded by lecoste's founders two kids, z&v is definitely a line two rebellious kids would establish...

the unique style makes things more common -Voltaire

most of my all time favorite quotes come from voltaire himself... 
so this brand really caught my eye! and once it did i fell in love...! 
primarily black, defiant, and darkly glamourous <3

the christmas theme galeries had going on this year...

"hot christmas show"

hot christmas mannequins!

french based line morgan....! 
one of the womens lines i LOVE only found in europe...  
look at all the cheetah prints... rawrrr....

zadig&voltaire for women!!


now for some of the brands back home... 
paris style...

aa... and my dad tryin to kick it to the aa model -_______-

juicy candy!

34 being the smallest size they make...
some 34s too big for me ;*(

now lets get to the fancy shmanciness of galeries lafayette!! 

in the middle of the 'galeries' you find an enormous, extravagantly decorated christmas tree...

along with the christmas presents...

and toy soldiers!!! 
they hold your bags while you shop!!

sigh <3333

everyone is in awe while staring at the spectacle...!!

underneath the christmas tree... what the french love more than fashion itself....


this is directly under the enormous christmas tree...

perfumes galore!!

ahh and thierry mugler <3333333333333

i can be quite stubborn.
ESPECIALLY when it comes to my perfume....

for 12 years... i have ONLY worn one perfume... only one fragrance... 
only one CAPTIVATING scent... one signature smell...

angel by thierry mugler...
i simply REFUSE to wear no other!!!
i walked away with the XL size perfume and a lotion. <33
discreet yet alluring, unforgetable yet light, infused with mandarine, 
passion fruit, chocolate and caramels... my signature scent is incredibly unique<3

it's a christmas fashion party!!

outside of the galeries, 
the extravagance continues...



and wonderful window displays!!

i couldn't get too many shots of the windows... 
being that it was pouring and there were hundreds of people gazing 
endlessly and crowding these magnificent showcases...

i LOVE fashion displays... so these really took my breath away...

all the watches your heart desires lol

daddy and i in these miniscule european elevators that fit 3 people max

after a long day of shopping, daddy and i 
grabbed some grub at this fancy shmancy pizza hut.
cell phone pic... couldn't dare take my canon out in the pouring rain!

le pizza menu

we sooo need one of these back home!!!
so i could gain 39825908 pounds.

garlic bread and goat cheese as appetizers...
had lasagna as a main course...
and nutella crepes for desert...

followed by a strict air and water diet -_______-

i'm not a huge fashionista, but this place, 
along with the entire city of paris itself, 
definitely makes me feel like one!!

next post i visit my homegirl mona lisa at the louvre..
stay tuned...!! <3333

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