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Showpaper is a free bi weekly print only publication promoting DIY shows in NYC. If you decide to pick up a copy of Showpaper next week, you'll most likely come across a gorgeously customized newspaper box, oozing with unique artistic extravagancy. A project presented by Showcase and curated by Andrew H Shirley, these vibrant boxes will be sprinkled throughout NYC for all to admire. This is the second time Showcase exhibits this form of street art. The first time around, a few of the boxes were actuallly stolen. A box designed by the legendary graffiti artist COST, was not just stolen but also sold on eBay for $4,000. The presentation includes 16 diffrent boxes all customized by artist duos. Pairs included Adam Void & Chris Stain, BAK & VIL, CELSO & SKEWVILLE, CLAW & JESSE, Dennis McNett, Doyle Huge & Mikey 907, GAIA & Heidi Tullmann, HELLBENT w/Alison & Garrison Buxton, Leon Reid IV & POSTERBOY, MINT & SERF, Poneros & SPAM, Sto & Kelie Bowman, SWOON & Noah Sparkes, UFO 907, and a SURE tribute by FAUST.  

Showpaper presented The Community Serviced Too, unveiling the phenomenal designs at 285 Kent ave in Brooklyn before unleashing them into the world. Having the pleasure of being friends with one of the artists (thank you TONS by the way!), I managed to get a sneak peak of the boxes at the exhibition before they're showcased onto the mean streets of NYC. Every design was absolutely fascinating and captivating in its own originality. I cannot wait till NYC gets to marvel at these beauties!!


Adam Void & Chris Stain

Sure Faust

Sure Faust

Sure Faust

Sure Faust

SWOON & Noah Sparkes

Leon Reid & Posterboy 

Poneros & SPAM





Doyle Huge and Mikey 907

Great art!


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RAPganger said...

THAT show was really dope... cant wait to see them on the street