Reebok x Reed Space: "Classic Sessions NYC"

The love for art and music, go hand in hand. So when one finds themselves amidst both wonders, one is guaranteed greatness. Appreciating both crafts, Reebok and Reedspace have teamed up and introduced the new "Classic Sessions NYC" at 145 Orchard in the LES. For the next few months, musicians and visual artists will pair up and take over the pop-up venue open to the public. Kicking off the brilliant series was the talented Queens MC T.Shirt on the music side, and the dynamic duo UR New York on the art side. Inspired by each other's gifts, UR New York presented a fantastic installation influenced by one of T.Shirt's tracks off his album "The Fuck". T.Shirt gave music lovers a superb show by performing 4 songs off his album, while beautiful artistry flowed throughout the walls. 

Music embracing art, art embracing music. 

Yours truly attended the event and captured the action... Check it out!

S/O to all of the artists involved, 
you are all an incredible inspiration!


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