New York Auto Show 2011!

red-hot sex on a platter.

 I've never had the opportunity to visit an annual colossal collection of classy clunkers. This year though, I wasn't letting anything stop me from being a part of one. I'm happy to admit I've popped my car show cherry at the New York Auto Show. And now it seems as if I will be paying the Jacob Javits center TWO mandatory visits per year: Comic Con, and the NYAS.

I wasn't always a car fanatic. Shit, at one point I thought Honda and Hyundai were the same company. Up until a sweet and ever so dear automobile super-enthusiast anointed my curiosity into the auto-world. Now I find myself scanning passerby car customizations, lusting upon vintage beauties, and swooning over M3 Beemers. My auto-savvyness is far from phenom... but my inquisitive curiosity for all things visually stunning, is ever-growing.  

Here are a few snapshots of the glossy 4 wheel gorgeousities I had the pleasure of meeting...  

First stop was Ford... where they provided the public with 21-st century coloring books. 


sum lite.


<3 <3 <3 little spot of sunshine <3 <3 <3 

fiat artist colab

ugh this shade swept me off my feet <3

smart cars!!

gaga swag.

this was ever so stunning <3 

ugh this just screams hot sex ;)

the perfect lipstick shade too.

who doesn't love mini coopers????


love me a british accent ;)

a very enthusiastic and deceitful map -___-



flat matte black never fails to make my heart skip a beat <3


so much personality


ugh steaming hot hot hot hot hot hot

I LOVE trucks...!!!!!! >_<

I love the idea of tiny me, swarming through the streets in a monstrous whip.

I may be petite. but i can take down some pretty big things,  ya know ;)


(sorry, t'was inevitable)


got to chill inside one of the trucks for a while... loved!!

test driving haaayy!!!

ugh. you could SO get it.

white black and blue.... 


reminds me of.......


Can someone tell me WHYYYYY BMW would showcase this beauty but not sell it???
ugh what a tease >_<

sad to say not many beemers at the bmw showcase. 

the universe was against me as usual :'(

bumped into lightning mcqueen himself..!!!

i love all things disney!!

and his leading lady



a very terry richardson thumbs up ^__^


not too many  "hot exotic cars" either... 

... but they had this ice cream box man!

i know a lovely someone who appreciates hidden treasures ;*

ahh they had the cars that appear in the new fast5 movie. couldn't get  any great pics... 

too many lames sitting on the hood of the car. like wtf. >_<

The Jacob Javits center seems to get bigger every year. This place was a never ending maze...!!

I had a dope time fancying all the sexy whips. 

can't wait till next year ^___^


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Where did you purchase your phenomenal thigh high socks, I can't wear the ones from AA because its too thick. :( love them. <3