New York's Comic Con 2011!

At last...!!! The time had come for all of NYC's imaginative aficionados to rejoice in comic book euphoria. Yes, the 2011 New York Comic Convention hit the Jacob Javits Center from October 13th-16th 2011. Comic book enthusiasts of all ages, backgrounds, and throughout all of the five boroughs attended the phenomenal convention. Some transformed into their favorite childhood characters, comic and video game characters, role models,  and even favorite toys!

If you've followed my blog long enough, you would know about my long time devotion to Archie Comics, and the Archie fanatic in me just cannot miss a single NYCC... so I of course HAD TO attend! Apart from the Archie indulgence, I also love to engaging in the quirky comic book fun! Not just comic books fill the JJC, but also cosplay, movies, video games, anime, and all things that scream pop culture! Expressive, inspirational, and brilliant... the NYCC is an annual event that any New Yorker, no matter the interests, will find simply incredible fun!

Check out my NYCC fun!

Sunday Funday!

First sign of the NYCC extravaganza... Bobba Fett playing an accordion. Awesome!

So I tried the cos-play a little bit with my awesome Clockwork Orange tee (one of my top 3 fave films), and donned the classic Alex DeLarge eyelash! Paying homage to one of the best cult classics in film history! 

But I couldn't forget about Archie and the gang!  I showed my Archie love with this Archie mani! Using real clippings my Archie Digests, I clear coated them onto my tips, sporting a different character on each nail. I could have done a way better job but was a bit rushed :( Although, it did receive tons of great feedback... even from one of the Archie Comics artists! My own little form of fan art!

Now onto explore NYCC....
First stop.... Archie of course!!!

Archie x KISS 
A must have!!

Ahhhh heaven!

This year, the Archie booth had tees...!! I nearly collapsed!!!!!! I HAD TO GET ONE!!!

With my shirt in hand and my jitters galore, I asked my favorite comic artist Dan Parent to sign the awesome Archie shirt! Every year, I make it my duty to greet him... and every year I alway get the jitters!!! This year was no different... except for the fact that Dan Parent actually recognized me!!

An exhilarating moment as my favorite comic book artist from my favorite comic books, recognized me and complimented my work..!!!! I had reached a pleasant high at the moment <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Had to get the pic!!!!

Beyond happy!!!!

Ahhh... another fascination of mine... ZELDA!!

With Skyward Sword just around the corner... I had to see what was in store for the next Zelda..!


SO exciting!!! Resembling Twilight Princess, but of course.. better!!

Thought this Dick Tracy poster was pretty awesome!

Now onto the wonderful cos-play of NYCC..!!

Ahh!! Domo!!! So cuddly!

Watchmen's Sally Jupiter! Phenom job!

The Ice King!

I love seeing groups dressed up!

Darkwing Duck!

How sweet! Silver Surfer and Ms.Marvel!

The Rocketeer! 

I've always been SO scared of Pinhead!

Hmmm... is this....


Adorable! A show for all ages!

Chicks too! Check out Cammy!

Onto some Transformers... Gundam!


Your neighborhood Spidey!

Lady Deadpool!

Idk their names but they were hella creepy!!

Who you gonna call???


Art is her weapon!!!

Always see this guy every year!

Always creepy!

Street Fighter crew!

Bruce Wayne's ladies!

Thought this was SO cute!


Viddy well!!!!!!

Love this part of the JJC!

Anime lovers karaoke onstage!

And I <3 them too!!!

MegaBlocks MasterChief!!

Beautifully put together!

Hahahahah thought this was hilarious!

Sigh!! See you next year <3333

Hahahahah came across Betelgeuse's apt a few blocks away from JJC

LOL tooo funny!!

Grabbed these bad boys at the Archie Booth!!

And this classic that had been missing from my collection!

Had a BLAST at NYCC... and have already started my countdown for next year! Where I plan on not only attending all weekend but will be kicking into high gear with some serious cos-play!!!

Cannot wait!!!!!!

Check out my coverage on last year's NYCC here: 

Hope you enjoyed!


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