New Era 90th Anniversary XC Artist Series

New Era Cap Co. just turned 90 <3

 For the past 90 years, New Era has given the world a way to express their individualism and personal style through their New Era cap. New Era celebrated their bday by launching project XC Artist Series. 90 new era devotees were given a blank canvas 5950 and a set of markers. after that, imaginations ran WILD. New Era exhibited these brilliant creations at the New Era: 90th Anniversary XC Artist Series. 90 designs by 90 different artists from all around the globe were showcased worldwide from LA to London and NYC to Berlin. New Era, a brand embracing authenticity and expression, arranged an incredible manifestation of prominent artistry. Each and every hat emitted exclusivity and craftsmanship, luring in dazzled spectators.  me, of course, being one of them.

I'm a sucker for creativity. HUGE!!!! Artistry and inspiration make me melt. I stand in great admiration for art and artists, so this event really drew me in. As a New Era employee, i got the opportunity to attend the event and document these works of art. and you, as my blog viewer <3 also get to check out these gems...

i love hats w/ messages <3

one of the stars of the show... 

'oohs and ahhs' every time you passed by this bad boy.
definitely breathtaking.

tools = no limits!

they're all gorgeous in their own way,
but this was the one.
the one that stole my heart <3 
one of 2  of my favorites.

effort!! hottt!

so original <3

so uplifting! love it!!

okay favorite number 2. 
jet blue peacock.
ugh fell in LOVE!!!!!!!!

3D hat!!
NO limits!! <3

gorgeous gradients <3
i love crowns and gradients <3

guests got to have their own "fly your own flag" shoot.
people could arrange the blocks and create their own message!


thinking outside of the box..!

lucha libre!!

the back of a crowd favorite.

my favorite again! <3
 ahhh the pink lace and velvet horns <3
kept being a feen and falling in love with it <3


hahahhaah yesss!

ahh detail <3


sponsors and stuff.

yours truly being silly and gently trying on one of my favorites!!!
i want :(

design by New Era's CEO Chris Koch's son.

detaaaaaiiil <33

alice?? <333

Initial H's design!
he's my coworker and an incredibly talented artist!
native pattern.. superb..!
talented is an understatement tho :)
check out his blog!

they're all lovely in their own ways <333

umm did i mention i LOVE detail?!!! 

sweethearts favorite <3
sigh its so wonderful how the creative mind flourishes!!
oh and it's designed by a female ;)


 After the tour, select caps will be auctioned off online
for charity by the Clothes Off Our Back Foundation.

artistic finesse is so uplifting!!!
happy bday New Era!!!! 

merci beacoup to Ant for being the sweet 
boss he is, and lending me his camera <3

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