Comic Con 2012 Recap!

The amazing Comic Book Convention 2012 hit town this past month, and yours truly stopped by to join all of the pop culture fun! I never miss a single year of ComicCon, nor do I miss a single year documenting the convention for my readers. Hoping to inspire those who have never been to CC, to give it a go next year! But comic books aren't the only thing filling up the Jacob Javits Center... there's everything from the latest upcoming movies, video games, tv shows, artist meet&greets, fun giveaways, rare collectibles and toys, vintage showcases, music, dancing, and my personal favorite- COSPLAY!  Wether you have boxes full of comics, or have never opened a single comic book in your life, ComicCon definitely knows how to show you a great time.

Here's a brief recap of my Comic Con fun this year!

Brought out my new British kicks to celebrate the Comic Book fun! 

Aren't they perdy?!

If you know me, or if you've followed my blog long enough, you'll be familiar with one of my favorite obsessions: Archie Comics!!! Being my first stop at Comic Con, of course.

Always makes me so happy seeing the Archie booth get bigger and bigger each year. Maybe one day it'll take up all of Comic Con! I'm sure my bank account won't be too happy though lol I LOVE splurging on Archie comics/collectibles. 

My girl Veronica Lodge!! Veronica is one of Archie's girlfriends in the series. And my favorite character too! If I was a comic book character, I'd definitely be her. If she was a human being, she'd definitely be me! Just look at her lol.

And here is the part where I get the jitters, my meet&greets!!

Specially this fella! Dan Parent! My favorite Archie Comics artist. Beyond gifted and effortlessly talented, Dan portrays the Archie series the best! He's released numerous Archie collectibles such as the revolutionary Kevin Keller series and just finished working with MAC Cosmetics on the upcoming Archie x MAC line. I (nervously) met Dan a while ago at ComicCon, but three years and lots of autographs later, Dan still recognizes me plus has even checked out my blog. Um yeah, SUPER AWESOME lol! 

Here are my past pictures with Dan at Comic Con lol




Shout out to Dan Parent!!

Moving on!

Super thrilled to see my childhood favorite anime Sailor Moon making her first booth appearance at Comic Con! This was a huge deal to Sailor Moon fans! If you're a fan, you know what I'm talking about!

Spotted Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus at the booth!

Sailor Mars has always been my favorite! Super cute!

Sailor Moon herself with her boo Tuxedo Mask! But where's the Moonlight Night?!

These guys entered a cos-play contest. They definitely won my vote! How cute are they?!

Street Fighter team!

Bumped into some Ghost Busters!

And this scary alien fella!

This costume was enormous! He had his own security team guiding him through the crowd!

Love the LEGO and MEGABLOKS displays all over the convention!

As always, I had a blast at this years Comic Con. I encourage anyone who has never been to go ahead and check it out next year. I'm already counting down to the next one!

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Hope you enjoyed!



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I am very glad you are back #SSS

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Thank you so much! Happy to be back!

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