Visiting the Meadowlands State Fair!

The State Fair Meadowlands in Secaucus, New Jersey celebrated their 25th anniversary this summer. I am  a HUGE fair/carnival/feast enthusiast so I made it my mission to visit. Once there, I fell in love with the 1950's feel in the air. The vintage carnival stands, classic magic shows and freakshows, the smell of cotton candy lemonade and funnel cakes, all stole my heart while walking through the vibrant fair. Thrill rides, lights, exhibitions, petting zoos and fantastic fair fun everywhere you looked!!! Sigh, I wish this place was availiable year round!!! Knowing it wasn't going to be around for long, I brought along my handy dandy Canon and snapped away at as much of the fun as I could, so I can share it with you. And hopefully inspire you to visit next year!!

Check out the fantastic time I had at the Meadowlands State Fair!!

My ticket to awesome carnival paradise!!! 

Admission was $18 (IDK why it says $25 ''/)

And the $18 included entrance fee AND unlimited ride access! 
Aka I did not have to buy any tickets to get on the rides! :)

Up in Joyyyzeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Ahhhhh carnival food <3 SOOO good yet SOOO bad for me ;(

The fair was filled with freak shows! My absolute FAVORITES!!!! 

This mini show was showcasing what they claimed to be the World's Smallest Woman. You got to check her out for only $1. I paid up and checked out the little lady. She was SOOOO tiny and SOOOO SWEET!! 

Now it was my baby sisters turn to check the little lady out... 
she couldn't stop giggling for some reason?

My sister is very mean :(

And as if laughing at the poor little lady wasn't enough, she walks away laughing even more. SIGH!!


Onto the petting zooooo!!!!!!!

AAAAHHHHHH SO ADORABLE!!! We got to pet them, and feed them, and love them!!

The was a damn camel...!!!!!!

My sister probably somehow still being mean to the baby ponies :(

He's happy :D

All the petting and feeding and cuteness got me a bit thirsty. 
So what better to quench my carnival thirst than classic homemade carnival lemonade??!!

With lemonades in hand, we decided to chill out a bit and catch a hypnotist show! 

Hopefully I'll get hypnotized ^__^

Babby sis sippin on lemonade and lookin like stare dad. 

Madd suspect!

Oh it's the hypnotist!!!! He's about to pick people to hypnotize!

....And look who he picked!!! Yours truly <3

Hella happy to get hypnotized! 

I have no pics of the actual hypnotism (card full)  but I DID get hypnotized! 
It feels like you just randomly get very very sleepy and theres nothing you can do about it but sleep......... 
and all you can really hear and pay attention to is the hypnotists voice. VERY weird experience!!!!!!



Went into all of them... but no cameras were allowed :(

It was a cute tiny horse!!!

Time for some thrill rides <3

Had to stop and capture this hilarious "HipHop Funhouse" 

Hahahah Lil Wayne, Neyo and Justin Beiber were featured. Idk who that is in the pink star lol

The Krazy Mouse ride <333333 

Being the thrill seeker that I am, I managed to get the "All Access" stamp. 
Aka no tickets needed when hopping on rides <3

The Zipper!!!! Such a classic!

Night falls onto the bright fair <3

The carnival lights up the night <3 

Hahah this ride was one of my faves. 
Some chick on the ride peed her pants and PASSED OUT while on the ride lol poor girl

This ride was definitely a thrill!!!

Twirling you around and around and around and...

The Sky flyer was awesome! The highest ride in the fair, this swing swingin ride not only gave you a view of the entire Secaucus area, but also swung you around hella fast!


This was my view from up above :)

Too fast to capture sharply :(

Gravitron is a classic carnival thrill ride. One of my absolute favorites!!!!

But t*was out of service ;(

More swingin around!!!


Classic carnival prizes <3

Ummm YUMM!

Baby sis and I decided to partake in some fair games fun!

She totally busted my ass!!


I won a baby cow!!!!!!!!!! All the Jamaican bananas were happy for me :D

After a loooooong day of incredible carnival fun, I had worked up a huge appetite.

And what better go than classic carnival munchies??!



Last stop: Zoltar!!

Had to get my fortune told, ya know!!

A very happy camper ^___^

I was in awe of the beautiful kodak moments the fair had to offer. 
So I of course took advantage a captured some of them. 
And with a little Photoshop magic, I came up with these:

For more info on the New Jersey State Fair at the Meadowlands, and next year's carnival dates, 
make sure to check out:

It's definitely a must-go!!

Hope you enjoyed!


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