holleration nation

video post time!

been a bit m.i.a due to life, so i'm making it up with a video ;)
it's been a while since i made one so here i am...
touching upon one of my favorite subjects:
the obscene forms of female courting. smdh. enjoy!!

 lipstick pic that i promised ;)


info on the lipliner:
mac lip pencil in nightmoth
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info on the lipstick:
mac satin lipstick in rebel.
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info on nailpolish
mac nail lacquer in rougemarie
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  comments feedback disagreements  
are always welcomed ^_^  

hope you enjoyed <3    



I enjoyed your video, I am niot the type to walk up and chat up a young lady i always wish the girl would be enticed by my smoldering looks and talk to me. ?You can imagine how far that has gotten me. I am just shy and can barely get past the hi, stage. Which is why i have more females as friends at this point then men. i enjoyed your video and your point of view.

i can't lie and say i read your blog each and everyday. though i will admit i read it once and awhile to check it out. you are a very smart and funny young lady. i enjoy your posts and encourage you to keep up the good work.

also thankful you listed the lipstick color because it is fab and matches your face and tone very well.


i forgot to write this yesterday or roughly earlier. i applaud you, you are clearly a talented, smart and driven individual. i predict you will go far. i am not saying this to charm you i am saying it because in my opinion it is the truth. I wish you luck in whatever field you seek success in. Plus you cute to boot (truthfully more then cute but i like to rhyme at times) so with all of your skills and determinationi have noticed beauty has never been a hinderence to success. good luck and i can't wait to read and watch future posts

Anonymous said...

Loving the video...
With that said, ive always felt sympathetic towards women who get hit on constantly where ever they go. I see it all the time, being a guy and quite observant.
Ive never been THAT guy though, they've always annoyed me, so i can only imagine how women feel about them.
Being a dude and on the receiving side of that sucks too. Obviously, not when women do it to us, but when other men do it. Its like you said, im tryna get from point A to point B, not get hit on by you, Bro. Im nice about it, though, sometimes too nice, but thats just me. Anywho, kind of a pointless comment...keep up the interesting posts..Wm.

stephiesosexy said...


thank you so much for your kind words. theyre so inspirational <3 any and every view is hella appreciated. i see just by the small insight on your courting ways, that you are aware of the do's and don't do's of female courting... good stuff!!!! and yes the lipstick is fantabulous i cannot stress that enough lolol!

your prediction is overly flattering to me and i hope true lol <3

@anonymous i apppreciate the sympathy because yes, us women go through HELL (understatement) with some of the savages that are let out of their cages lol... i am assuming you must get more annoyed by some gay guys that might come out a bit BOLD when hitting on dudes. i have tons of gay guy friends, and one of my bestest friend is gay himself, so i KNOW how incredibly extravagant these flame fellas can be. i sympathize you also <3

and NO your comment is NOT POINTLESS >___<!!!

lol thankies <3 <3

Anonymous said...

i just love that you said 'go to the bakery' :)

Robert said...

haha I agree 100 % - Itshell

stephiesosexy said...

@anon lol im sayin a girls just tryna get a croissant!

stephiesosexy said...

thankies itshell!! im glad you feel my pain hahah lol