New York Aquarium!

I'm quite the homebody in the winter. i hibernate my life away, only showing up to work and an occasional night out with good drinks and better friends. but no matter the climate or season, i'll always be down to check out an exhibition. being the overly curious and easily entertained girly girl that i am.

this past tuesday, i paid a visit to the ny aquarium in coney island. i have never been to this aquarium, and or ANY aquarium in well over 8 years!! so you bet i was hella psyched....!!!! i didn't think the aquarium would be open in mid winter, but come to find out not only are they open all hours of the morning to the afternoon, but it was also pleasantly desolate. now, i don't HATE people of anything, but it sure is lovely to view each showcase without the need of a wait, or a blocked view. spacious, calm, and abundantly beautifully filled with gorgeous marine life. i brought along my baby and took tons of pics. sigh, falling more and more in love with every stuning aquatic wonder i came across...

<3 <3

$13 entrance fee
and if you have a bank of america card, 
it's free on the first week of the month!

WALRUSES FIRST... <3333333333

ugh i died.

so majestic <3

i love you..!!!!


so playful so innocent 


sea lion babies <3

flow <3

crabby crab lol

marine life... so tranquil

and pissed off lol

reminds me of avatar 



baby shark <3

looks painted on <3 lovely

i nearly fell when i saw this octopus showcase <3

but the cutie was too shy to come out...

...he merely just waved hello lol

seahorse room...!!

seahorsies <3

inFINite fishies!! ;)

S H A R K room <3


what a bad boy...!!!!

more bad boys...!!!

ugh fantastic.


the turtle babies are cool with the sharks... sick!!

these guys too!!


sleeping beauties lol

i just wanna swim with them :(

colorful corals <3

hark..!! a land creature!

like, could they GET any cuter?

yeah, they could.

angel fish..??

cute blowfish hiding...

<3 smiley

camo fish..!! 
i see you..!!!

★ fishy!

they were spooning <3

more cuddlers <3

huge electric eel... fascinating <3

they have a voltage meter for the eel...
it lets you know how much electricity it's letting off at the moment.. hot!

ready for its closeup <3

kiss me fishy!!

everyone loves shrimpies

how fxcking cute are these catfish chillen against the wall!?!!!

okay so i fell in love with this flame lobster....
sucha chill cutie... playing or eating what seemed to be like a snail??..

he was SO cooperative and not only let me take pics of him 
but was down with me recording him....



yep. i died.

otters get their lunch at this time too ^___^

!!!!!! tons of cutenesssss !!!!!

um.. best job EVER!!

>_____< !!!!

had to catch these cuties in grub-action....


onto my favorite kind of aquatic sexiness...
<3 <3 <3

loved this exhibition...!!!

elegant <3

graceful <3

baby jellies <3

ugh the finesse...!!!

my silly camera DIED at this moment...
luckily i had PLAN B
my iphone...

i want one five.

the beautiful mystery of these creatures <3

um yes they are >___<


there he is <3

cutie <3

had to get a pic with my jelly buddies.

stupid iphone flash >_<

almost 4:30.. 
almost time to go... 


before leaving bumped into this gorgeous  family of seal lions...

had to catch the fam on cam...
the daddy sea lion was desperately looking for the baby..!!

the mommy was chillen ^__^.


the aquarium is reopening a reef showcase in the spring <33 be sure to check it out..!!!

aquatic workers ^___^

the aquarium had penguin feedings (as you saw up there)
and they also have walrus, otter, and shark feedings...!!

i loved loved LOVED the aquarium...!!!
a very pleasant activity in these cold frigid times <3

the aquarium is open
10:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m. daily
during winter.

general admission is $13
kids $9

free with a b.o.a card on the first week of the month..!!

more info:

make sure to check it out...!!


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