the first 20 @ gallery bar

as i've said before, i have limitless respect for art and artists of all kind. i'm a sucker for the imagination, depths, skills, artistry, and craftsmanship artists demonstrate through their creations. so any chance i get to attend an exhibit, i jump on it. ::ayooo::.. my gorgeous friend eve invited me to gallery bar , where thefirst20 were exhibiting their most recent works. recording artist Sam RUBIK, of nouveau riche records, created a website where he can show support for todays visual artists. he selected 20 different artists, all with 20 different styles, which make up the first 20. showcasing canvas work, photography, and even graffiti, i loved the variety in the exhibit. i documented as much as i could. the following pics are my favorites of the exhibit. check it out..!!

i love this... cute 'around the way' looking girl holding up a clock store..
the choice of framing is gorgeous!!

piece by rachel latourette

most of her work were vibrant colorful depictions. many with female characters, which i loved. 
piece by rachel latourette


television invasion.

another one of my favorites
eve introduced me to the artist of this superb piece...

i was taken away by this piece. through her work, the artist shed light on todays media exploitation of women and sexuality. two of todays most inattentively harmful issues affecting not just young women, but our entire society and even our next generations as a whole. this is something i have always felt immensely strong about, and seeing it depicted through art instantly sweeps me off my feet.

the very cute miss rosangel herself, and her piece.
in getting to know her, i found out she also models and is an animal rights advocate... 
an artist/model/defender. i love to see girls on their grind with their passions! <3


another piece with a beautifully strong message behind it.
definitely a favorite of mine.

using photography, one of today's most influential forms of art.


<3 so creative <3

my beautiful friend eve, artist rosangel, and yours truly.

check out...

sorry for the terrible quality in the pictures...
i will be updating with SLR quality shots soon ;)


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