Instagram 8x8 Gallery Exhibition

If you've followed my blog long enough, you would know I am an avid Instagram user. And every Tuesday, I present you Hipsta-Insta Tuesdays, showcasing images of my week through both Hipstamatic and Instagram. I've been using Instagram for exactly a year now, way before it got hella trendy! But I am glad it got popular because it is a fantastic photo application which has managed to built up an incredible following. Boasting more than 8million users, the app has grown increasingly in a very short time, and even had Facebook offer $2billion for ownership of the app. Thankfully, Facebook's offer was turned down.

Amongst todays many social networks, Instagram has to be one of my favorites. The Instagram community gives off a very welcoming and inspirational vibe. Users share bits and pieces of their everyday lives, hashtag, capture beauty in the most simple things, or engage in themed photography. All through Instagram's fun filter effects. Users can comment and "like" each others pics, creating a fun IG bond.

With a following of over 8 million users, the Instagram community was bound to bring their IG galleries to life. And so they did via the 8x8 Gallery Exhibition at Mosaic Skate Shop & Gallery in the Bronx. A gathering of 15 IG users showcased their IG photographs, creating a collection of 44 images all beautifully framed throughout the gallery walls. With approx 200 guests, the turnout was fantastic!  Making the very first annual IG gallery an amazing success!

Yours truly SSS was there, documenting all the IG fun and meeting alot of amazing people!

Check it!

Lovely Instagram logo painted by Jaerows created a pop up photobooth for the guests :)

It's like IG come to life!

Fantastic theme, 
Fantastic message!!

Great capture!

Loved how this was put together!

Almost everyone had a series of images, all coinciding with one another.

Beauty in simplicity <3

A superb gathering!

The beautiful Tee.Kay.Elle and I!

My girl Eve and Cordell... two very inspirational people sharing inspirational thoughts ^__^

One of my favorite people everrrrr, Eve <3

It was lovely meeting such wonderful people <3 Like Steph <3

And Irving!!

Fell in love! 

Beautifully drawn by Tia from Hollow Heart Gallery in London!


My favorite IG fellas!!!!

@jacobisyourbuddy @defianttilldeath @jaerows 

Felix capturing a lovely IG image.

@stephiesosexy @blankexperiment @evebrownbunny


It was a superb turnout and I had a wonderful time! 

Can't wait for the next one!!

Iphone users make sure to download Instagram and join the IG community, it's just plain awesome :)


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dan Andrea said...

You have Beauty and brains. Loved the photographs, although I don't have instagram myself I see all of my friends use it and just love that they can edit the pictures and share them. Seems really neat.