Confidence is a Woman's Best Accessory!

Trust me, I am far from a fashionista. 
And even though getting dolled up is one of my favorite things, I still have tons to learn about the phenomenal world of fashion! One acquires fashion sense in life. But one cannot acquire style. You are born with style. You either have it, or you don't. There are books on fashion, but no book can determine your own natural style.

I'd like to narrow down my own personal style as casual femininity. I love form fitting attire as well as delicately flowing garments. Classic patterns ranging from polka dots to florals. I definitely live by the "all black everything" state of mind, black being the perfect shade in apparel. When it comes to style to me, a price tag has no significance. I feel a woman should accent only her most flattering features when dressing, as well as maintain her grace through balancing the amount of skin being displayed. It's wonderful to be eye-catching but it's beautiful to embrace mystery.

  It's not what or who you're wearing, it's always HOW you wear it.

 I'd like to share with you all,  
a few looks of mine rendering my own personal style, and take on fashion!


Pics arranged from newest to oldest.