4th of July aboard the Sheryll Princess!

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. Summertime, BBQ's, the outdoors, and of course fireworks are just a few of the things that make the 4th so damn awesome! I've had some awesome 4th of Julys in my 23 years of life, but this years 4th was absolutely FANTASTIC! I wanted this 4th to be like no other that I've had, so I thought "why not hop on a boat??"

I started researching 4th of July cruises. And got bombarded with HUNDREDS of great cruises that give you a nice boat ride around Manhattan and an awesome view of the Macy*s 4th of July fireworks. I found this SUPERB deal on a cruise boat called the "Sheryll Princess". For just $100 pp, the boat takes you on a 6 hour cruise that begins in Brooklyn, floats onto Ellis Island, glides alongside MannyHatty and New Jersey, and finally parks itself in a perfect spot to catch the fireworks show. PLUS had 2 floors, a DJ, and all inclusive food and drinks. AWESOMENESS!

I was thrilled with my 4th of July package, 
and even more thrilled to be on a boat like T-PAIN!!

Check it!

We passed by Coney Island as one of our first sights. See all those little dots by the shore? those are the THOUSANDS of people who gathered in Coney Island to watch the fireworks! WILD!

Passed by a couple of working boats ^__^

And a very patriotic one too!

Finally got to Ellis Island <3

LOVED the view!!

It was so lovely to be alongside Lady Liberty herself on the 4th <3

Soaking in the majestic views!

SO many people brought out their OWN boats along the river. It looked like such a pleasant idea to be the captain of your own ship, bringing along friends and family to celebrate your own little 4th!

Made me want to save up for one!! =p

Also saw fellow cruise ships ^__^

Everyone on the boat would wave hello at passerby boats! So cute <3

Twilight started setting in... 
I grabbed ahold of my camera for the upcoming gorgeous views the setting sun brings <3

Candid of moi hypnotized by the phenomenons. 

Breathtaking moments.

Absolutely nothing like it!

Yours truly tried to put together a red, white, and blue pinup sailor look for the 4th!

I'm not huge on pinup but I tried my best for USA's b-day!

Also paid homage with a star spangled mani!

Check out what I used for this mani on this Mani Monday here !!

The view behind me was just out of this world...

And yes I was very happy sipping on my non-stop red wine <3

At ease, soldier!!


Finally arrived at our fireworks show destination.. 
It was the PERFECT spot for a PICTURE PERFECT view!

Macy*s doing it up!!



This cute couple caught me snapping away and asked for a pic of them <3 

I had to!! They looked so happy <3

So much love aboard the ship!

Passing the bridge on our way back to Brooklyn.


Had to ask the captain of the Sheryll Princess for a pic!

He looked so charming in his Captain uniform!

Big old smile at the end of my cruise <3

The whole time while on the boat... 

I couldn't help but highly relate to The Lonely Island's feat. T-Pain "I'm on a Boat"!!


Hope you had a superb 4th as well!


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