My Sexual Rendezvous @ the Museum Pt II!

The Museum of Sex! One of my favorite showcases in MannyHatty.  Although not everyone is a devout museum attendee, all of us (inarguably) enjoy sex, making this museum a fantastic place for us all! I always urge people to visit MOS because with every visit, I not only learn something new, but I also have a sexually satisfying great time. Floor after floor after floor of insightful and provoking sex, sexual history, sexual arts, and even sexual consumptions. You're guaranteed tons of sexual inspirations after your visit. A perfect place for couples and a great start to a girls night out!

It had been a while since I paid the sexy museum a visit. After coming aware of the fantastic exhibitions taking place, I made it my mission to attend. And so began my sexual rendezvous at the museum, part 2. But this time... I decided to engage in a sexy threesome consisting of three very sexy ladies...

*Click on images for a better high rez view!!!*


This post is 18+ and is not safe for work.

We began with "ACTION: Sex and the Moving Image" exhibition. Showcasing how substantial sex has been throughout the years of social media. Sexual imagery surrounding us everywhere. Impacting film, propaganda, television, advertising, and the internet.  With media from the 1930's to today, the exhibition gives you a timeline view of one of the main ingredients in media: sex.

Projection screens playing all kinds of sex related publications. 
Check out the gorgeous Bettie Page.

A featured sexually induced media in the exhibition was A website where people submit video footage of their faces while expressing an actual orgasm. Intense, vivid sexual release via facial expression and audio, the short films are very intimate and provide a face to the name orgasm.

An example of

Next up was the Spotlight Gallery.  
Showcasing a wide array of sexual themes and concepts. 

Everything from ancient sex toys to robot sex.

Animator, prop fabricator, and artist Michael Sullivan designed these robotic characters starring in their very own porno called "The Sex Lives of Robots". Sullivan describing his film as “footage of every conceivable sperm transfer device that is performed by robot pornographers and their well lubricated machines.”

Madam Robot.

Bad girls!

An anti-onanism device (aka anti-masterbation device) designed in the 1890's.

Early sex toys!

Vibrators from the 1900's to 1940's!

I haven't a CLUE what they were thinking back in the day!

I'd gladly volunteer in testing out different sex toys... but I think I'll PASS on this one!

K. Haring of course!

Fantastic seeing a rare Picasso piece at the exhibition!  
This wasn't here the last time I visited the museum!

Couple of nakies hangin around. More on these guys later.

...As for now let's check out some explicit vintage!!!

Good old classic porn!

We can all agree that alot has changed!

Girl on girl has always been around!

I think todays porn stars could learn alot from yesterdays!

Speaking of vintage, let's check out some hot pin-ups!!!

Pin-up fellas ;)


Pin-up dolls!

A little 411 on pin-up history.

Let's play dress up!!!

I'll be the she-wolf, you be the feather duster dominatrix cat! 

The gallery now sheds light on some of the kinkiest fetishes around!!

Torpedo tit catsuit! A must have ;)

Ballet boots! Another must have!

These would be tons of fun in the bedroom!

Bondage. Dominance. Submission. Fetish. Latex. Dominatrix.

Whatever tickles your pickle!

Don't mind if we do!

Cristal was first to grab ahold!

Yours truly being... gentle.

The girls having a little too much fun LOL

Hahahahah Eve has to capture every inch!

Artist Mayumi Lake's photographs innocent parts of the human body, and photographs in a sex induced thought provoking way. These  photographs of mere armpits and other non-genitalia body parts but, what do YOU see?

Exhibited at the Spotlight gallery is a RealDoll. 

One of the many life sized sex dolls manufactured by Abyss Creations. But don't mistake RealDolls with your everyday blowup doll. RealDolls are a state-of-the art design for life-like human body stimulation. You can design exactly how you want your doll to look. Everything from height to pubic hair color (if any). RealDolls start from $5,999.

But RealDolls aren't just for the fellas. Us ladies can purchase RealDoll studs too!

And yes, with customizable penis size.

The girls giving homeboy some kind of penile review.

Up close...

... and personal with the RealDoll couple!

Holographic backshots!

David Datuna's "Flower of Life"

A hypnotique composition made up of glass, fluorescent lights, silicone, fabric, LEDs, and of course dildos.

Definitely a favorite of mine at the MOS.

This was Datuna's gift to the museum, similar to his beautiful mirror series. 


Next exhibition: The Sex Lives of Animals!

Bonobo prostitute!

Two female bonobos engaging in "G G rubbing". Very popular amongst lesbian bonobos.

This showcase is absolutely awesome. Exposing animals and their kinky ways, you gain grand insight on mother nature's creatures! Changing the way you look at cute furry animals forever!!!

Myths vs Facts!

Ever wondered what a snake's penis looked like??

How about an elephant's penis?

Maybe a bedbug's penis?

Threesomes and homosexuality! Deers know how to have fun!

More mounting! Animal version of missionary.

Homosexuality in the animal kingdom!

A very sweet story about a gay penguin couple.

*don't forget to maximize for a better view!

Now enetering a new gallery at the MOS... Obscene Diary:The Secret Archive of Samuel Steward

Samuel Steward was remarkable individual. A professor, tattoo artist, pornographer and sexual record keeper. Alive during a time when it was highly dangerous to be onpenly gay, Samuel Steward lived a double, sometimes even a triple life. living with over 3 different aliases. Secretly documenting all of his sexual encounters through files, photographs, diary entries, and drawings. A treasure trove of real life gay paraphernalia, all showcased for us to see at the Obscene Diary exhibition.

One drawer of the infamous "Stud File". 

An intimate and secret record keeping of Stewards. In it were index cards. Each card containing a different sexual partner’s name, his place in the lineup (i.e., the 354th person Steward had sex with), the dates and locations of every encounter, a coded description of penis size and of every specific sexual activity, a brief comment, and sometimes even a sample of pubic hair.

The Polaroid camera Steward favored using.

Photographs documenting Steward's ever so lively sex life!


A depiction of Stewards bedroom in his Chicago based apartment. 
Along the walls were murals of men engaging in all kinds of gay sex.

Saving the best for last!

Comics Stripped!! 

Erotic depictions in yesterday's and today's comics!

Awesome people!



Classic naughty comics from as early as the 1930s!

Thought this was hilarious! I loved Poepeye growing up lol

LOL another funny!

We are all familiar with the superb Tex Avery character "Red Hot Riding Hood" 

Such a sexy doll!

Here's the Tex Avery cartoon "Red Hot Riding Hood". 
I absolutely loved Tex Avery cartoons growing up!

"If I don't have an erection when I'm doing a drawing, I know it's no good."
 — Tom of Finland.

The COMICS STRIPPED! gallery featured The Disney Memorial Orgy by Paul Krassner as an amazing backdrop all along the back wall!

The Disney Memorial Orgy by Paul Krassner.

The Disney Memorial Orgy by Paul Krassner.

Here's the original.

Celebrated and controversial comic book artist R.Crumb's work. R.Crumb is recognized for his distinctive style of his drawings and his critical, satirical, subversive view of the American mainstream through comics.



If you've followed my blog, you'll know I am a HUGE HUGE Archie Comics enthusiast. So I was SO jubilant to see this HISTORIC issue:  Veronica #202 where Kevin Keller is introduced as Archie Comic's first gay character!

I have two copies of this issue, one of which is signed by the amazing Dan Parent, my favorite Archie Comics artists, and artist of Veronica #202.


Cover of the groundbreaking issue!

Another milestone shown in the gallery! Marge Simpson models for playboy!

So Sexy!

The museum had so much more to offer, like an aphrodisiac bar and an X rated photobooth. But it was closing time and we had to leave ;(. I promised myself to come back and do both, since you don't need a museum ticket to check the bar and photobooth out! Once I do, I'll have pictures for you to check out of course!

All this sex made me hella hungry! So my gals and I headed to The Frying Pan in Chelsea for some juicy burgers! I love going to The Frying Pan in Pier 66... where you get to dine on delicious booze and burgers while chillin on a docked boat along the Hudson.

The beautiful city view from the boat's upper deck!

My dolls Crystal and Eve <3

Flashing a smile!

Awesome company awesome time awesome food!

A cute little lady bug joined us on our girls night out!

Host at the Frying Pan stopping to take a quick pic with the ladies!!

As usual, my visit to the Museum of Sex was a fantastic one! I urge all of you to go visit and check out the next installations. Even if you're not much of a museum go'er you'll definitely love all the sex the gallery has to offer!

the museum is located on 
233 Fifth Avenue (@ 27th Street)


Sunday – Thursday: 10:00am – 8:00pm (last ticket sold at 7:15pm) 
Friday & Saturday: 10:00am – 9:00pm (last ticket sold at 8:15pm) 
Closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day


Adults (18+): $16.75 + tax 
Students and Seniors (with valid ID): $15.25 + tax

must be 18+

but if you print their coupon and present it at the door, you get $3 off per ticket.
we printed it and we saved 6 bucks off two tickets ^__^

go here to print the coupon


**Make sure to check out PART 1 of My Sexual Rendezvous at the Museum HERE!!

Where I share with you guys my first visit to the erotic museum!!!**

hope you enjoyed <3



Jbgallashaw said...

Officially do they really allow you to take pictures in there. Pardon the pun, but i know most museums are anal when it comes to taking pictures of exhibits or art. Having asked that question i must commend you on your post. it was really good. As usual.

S.S.S said...

Yes that's another awesome aspect of the MOS. They allow photography. And ypu're right, most museums ARE anal (lol) when it comes to this. So glad you enjoyed!!!!!

You should definitely visit :)