There Are No Limits to My Creative Outlets!

I love all things beautiful. I am infatuated with visuals, the arts, and designs. Beautiful creations. and nothing rids me of my sleep more than the need to create beautiful designs. oh photoshop, you've given me more sleepless nights than any man ever will. The capacity to bring forth a vision from your intangible mind... and onto the perception of hundreds, is absolutely fascinating.  The ability to create your own world. Having no limits as to the gorgeous innovation you can create... flourishing off a looming tidal wave of your own imagination. This ability, my friend, becomes highly addicting.

About ten years ago, a 13 year old girl got a pc for christmas. Just the thing to cure the boredom out of her. But little did she know, this boredom would lead her to a grand inspiration, spawning the need for beautiful creation. Soon enough, reading html overthrew reading love letters. Styling css seemed nicer than styling her hair. Designing layouts excited her more than girls night out. And memorizing hex codes became easier than memorizing time tables. Self taught. Self motivated. And once introduced to adobe, she kissed her full nights sleep goodbye. 


The following are a few examples of my creative outlets, varying from graphics, layouts, and DIYs.

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