tumblr slumber.

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i worked really hard on this bad boy.
the layout i mean.
my new tumblr layout.
and my new tumblr.
the theme the coding the graphics and the aggressive ocd that comes with my designs.

what sucks the most though, is that i hate it now. has that ever happened to you? have you ever worked hard and long (:::thatswhatshesaid::) on something and when you're done you hate it?

like on a song? or an outfit? or an essay? or a drawing? or a fucking layout? or any project?

you start off super enthusiastic... this then leads on to you being bombarded with ideas provided by the left side of your brain. the creative side of course. then follows these same ideas coming to life! but during this wonderfully agonizing journey of perfectionism, you are constantly VIEWING the progression of your creation. and yeah, you start adding and removing things here and there. but you are still looking at it. alot. 

i fucking hate it. this happens with every design i do. not just layouts either. photoshoots, room organization, displays, playlists, makeup... etc... 

i am my number 1 competitor and mentor. yet i bore myself to death.

eh. anywhoo i'm still tryna get the hang of this tumblr thing. i will be using it for pics, music, quotes, and such. and i will have my blog for  writing. composing ironic posts such as this one.

add/follow me my hearties!!

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