dissatisfaction eventually prevails.

new tumblr layout. because i hated my old one. i took about 2 weeks to design/code my old one. this new one took 2 hours. wtf. i was very disgusted wth the amount of pink i added to my old layout. pink overdose gross. i pray and hope i don't get bored of this one. which i most inevitable will. i tried to make it match my blog's layout. like a fucking outfit. i still haven't even finished my blogs layout. ugh. i added a few things here and there. have fun hovering above links ;) i will be adding background music (kinda cheesy but idk) and i will start adding in my "worthy" section in which i will be adding some worthy blogs/websites.

which one do you like more?? yes, i'd love some feedback <3

just in case you're wondering what i use to make my layouts:
i ONLY use photoshop CS2 (buy me the latest version plzkthanks)
illustrator CS2
and alot of html codes that i know by heart or look up.

oh and itunes. for inspirational music. i'm a lame.


MrzHighlife said...

I can get you the entire latest adobe collection lol. I have CS5 and latest illustrator. IDK if you ever used dreamweaver that ones good also. I can prolly get it all for you but not sure how u wanna do it. and haha itunes for inspiration. i like that i do that too.

stephiesosexy said...

hey :)
that would be hella sweet. i'm not too fond of dreamweaver honestly being that it does all the coding FOR you. its a very handy useful program, but the fact that i've always done my own coding makes me bitter towards a code generator lol but hey i'd give it a try. um message me on faceboook :)