All Stud Everything!

Stud top, stud shorts, all stud everything!

I'm a bargain hunting, "do-it-yourself" kinda gal. My obstinacy and imagination play a big role in this aspiration. And lately, metal studs have been my inspiration towards my wardrobe creations. I am undergoing an "all stud everything" dedication! And apparently tying in with an "all rhyme everything" quotation. ;p

Check out a few of my studded demonstrations! 

Whenever I bring this bad boy out, it's a guaranteed chance I get asked where I bought my top. Very flattering, yours truly being the sole designer.

Tedious is an understatement when it comes to studding.
 But very much worth the hard work. 
Also very therapeutic. And rewarding :)

Going in!

I brought the top out a few times now; I must admit it's become a favorite of mine. I like pairing it with black. And depending on the occasion; high waist pleated pants, or a mega tight high waist flirty skirt.

That doll next to me is my  beautiful babe May <3
An incredibly talented makeup artist and fantastic fashion advisor ;* 

Another studded gem; daisy denims. You can check out my post on how I D.I.Y my own daisy denims here. And now am encouraging studding them for the summahtime ;)

These bad boys used to be a pair of Cheap Mondays I had, that were being very much neglected.
And are now hella revamped!

A great way to achieve that "distressed denim" effect is using sandpaper. Create a worn-in effect on your shorts by rubbing sandpaper on different areas. You can get some sandpaper at your local hardware store for about $4.

There's no limit to your studded daisy denims... <3

I plan on mastering even more gorgeous studded apparel.  I have TONS of ideas... 

And I will definitely be sharing these ideas and tutorials with my lovely readers <3 

So stay tuned!!!!


Anonymous said...

first i just wanted to tell you that i love your blog!... i just wanted to know where did you buy your studs...i have been loOking for them all over NYC

stephiesosexy said...

hey there! thanks soo much for the love <3

ohh man i had to go on a wild goose chase looking for studs all over nyc as well!!

luckily i found great fabric shops near the fashion district. also some great finds at st.marks place at diffrent souvenir vendors ^___^