New Look! + a few princesses!

Hey kids! Kinda tweaked my little blogger up a bit. Hopefully this will encourage me to update more. Smh. I'm having this Sailor Moon craze lately. Best show ever! Even though only about 3 people on earth agree with me ;(. I've been watching every episode made so yeah this is going to take over me for some time. I dressed up my myspace as a moon princess also. Check that out over here. Also cooked up a little side profile image of my lovely Serena. This was the "before" image and below is the after!

K wont bore you with no more of this Sailor Moon nonsense. Anywhoo my dear friend Kelly maker and creator of the original womens streetwear Princess of the Posse is dropping her spring/summer 2009 collection next week! Urban tasteful and feminine, Princess of the Posse is definitely skyrocketing it's way to the top! You can check out their 2008 collection that i modeled last year and a sneak peak at their upcoming 2009 collection....

check em out at Karmaloop also!

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xC0RNFLAKEx said...

Don't worry I know how you feel about Sailor Moon, I've watched it since I was about 11 and I'm still a fan at the age of 23, even got into collecting the comics lol