D.I.Y Daisy Denims...!!

oh summer, oh summer...
wherefore art thou sweet summer?

the weather has been sucha tease lately... 
giving me only slight tastes of long anticipated summer days...
as annoying as this may be, it's definitely quite inspiring. 

i am ALL about do it yourself...! i do my own layouts, i do my own nails, 
i do my own hair, i do all of my own grooming etc etc. it saves me dough and if you want something done right, do it yourself! i also make my own summertime daisy duke  denims ^__^ i have TONS of denim shorts that used to be old jeans that completely lost my interest. i brought them back to life with a few snips... here's a simple d.i.y (for the ladies... and diva fellas) on 
how to make you own denim short-shorts

first you'll need these tools.

1. pair of old denims you know you wont wear anymore. (all ladies have at least 1 pair)

2. shears... i use kitchen shears for snipping away and regular shear for small edits.

3. marker or bright crayon.

4. iron.

here are my very-much-neglected pair of denims.
they will be transformed and neglected no more!

i first tried them on. 
see if they still fit. 
then grab my marker/crayon and mark off a good length for shorts.
(i actually mark off about an inch longer than what i'd consider a good length. 
i do this because i want these shorts to be cuffed.)

do the same in the back.
this is  a very important tip.
short-shorts are shorter in the front than in the back.
i have made the mistake of assuming lengths were the same on both sides.
you don't want your precious booty cheeks hanging out for all to admire.
that's just not cute.

please ignore my weird looking ass. -__-.

next, proceed on to snipping away...
don't worry about making perfectly straight lines.
it's actually much nicer when denim shorts have a distressed look <3

make sure you consider snipping the back at your marked length.
please remember your precious booty cheeks!

i wanted these denims cuffed.
i like the clean look cuffs give ^__^.
if you want cuffed denims, make sure you marked off about an inch or so longer with your marker.
then after you snipped away, fold the cuffs up a bit, and with a hot iron, iron the cuffs.
securing them in place so that they don't unfold when you wear them.

finallly try on your flirty dairy dukes...!!
these are the ones i made showing you the step-by-steps.

paired it up with a sheer top, rope belt, and black cardigan ^__^

dinner date swag!

here are a few more daisy denims i made <3....

i cuffed these bad boys too.
this time though, i cut them a bit higher, exposing the pockets.
kinda cool lookin :)

with these shorts,
i cuffed up the front and frayed out the back.
two looks in one ^___^

i like denim shorts with big back pockets. 
i'm not a huge fan of jeans with no backpockets =/.

plaid shirt, frayed denims,
dukes of hazard swag!

with this pair, i exposed the pockets and frayed the hell outta them.

to fray your denims, simply pick at the natural frays caused by the cutting.
you can also rub sandpaper on the frays to give them a more distressed look.
your frays will become more pronounced with each wear and wash.
as will your daisy denims as a whole.

chic top with distressed bottoms.
mix and match swag!

just a few of my many d.i.y daisies <3

i'm not a huge fashionista but i hope this simple d.i.y can 
inspire you to make your own pair of flirty daisies for this upcoming summer.

 get em girl! bless the world with those gorgeous stems ya mamma gave ya! ;)


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