New Layout: "if the crown fits, wear it."

i have given S.S.S blogspot a MAKEOVER!!!

feel free to take a look around... 
relax!! take off your shoes.,. mi casa es tu casa ;)

this new and exciting look showcases 
MORE on your fellow blogger-ette. 

header image shot by the AMAZING Josh Sailor from my recent photoshoot with him.
will have a post up soon about my great experience with such an experienced professional.

FINALLY! i have a clean and to the point navigation menu... along with a few...

get up close and personal with yours truly on my brand new about me! 
check out my modeling portfolio with over 45 pics ^__^ old and newbies!
check out my photoshop work <3 layouts i've done in the past and present along w/ a few fun graphics!
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sepia soft elegant sophisticated vintage feel. embracing the meaning behind my name stephania...

Stephanie is a female name that comes from the Greek name "Stefanos" (Στέφανος) meaning "crown". Forms of Stephanie in other languages include the Italian Stefania, the Portuguese Estefânia, and the Spanish Estefanía. The form Stéphanie is from the French language. Stephania, Etienette, Stephania, Stefanie, Stefanina, Steffie, Stepania, Stepanie, Stephana, Stevena, etc.

source: wikipedia; along with other "name meaning" websites.

long story short my name stephania means crown/crowned. my mother named me after  the Princess Stéphanie of Monaco , member of the princely family of Monaco. and yes she is still alive today. click on her name to check her wiki out. so my name has double the meaning of royalty ;) i should also add how i was born in QUEENS new york... therefore my name is triple the royalty ;) i must shamefully admit i've been told that i act like a little princess. i don't know if that's good or bad but hey, if the crown fits ;)

i personally am pretty happy with my new layout... it has taken me a WHILE... not because of the difficulty (actually quite simple) but more because of the fact that i have had NO TIME to work on it. i'm happy to finally be 98% done with it. and about 90% happy with it. which is ALOT considering my neverending discontent with my designs >_<

this is also the reason why i have been so m.i.a with my posts. but my hiatus is over. ;)

comments? hate it? love it? disgusting? atrocious? hot sex on a platter??

comment me LET ME KNOW! i'd love some feedback!! good or bad :)

more info on my new layout after the cut and on my sidebar!


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