water marble nail art!

once i find an inspiration, i RUN with it.
my latest obsession: nail art.
here is a water marble nail art tutorial. 

hope you enjoy <3


1. filtered water.
2. small bowl
3. tape
4. pencil or pen
5. nail polishes (2+ colors, also a base and a top coat)
6. nail polish remover
7. q-tips



here's another water marble i did...

this time with three different polishes.


more info:

polishes i used in video tutorial:

essie sand tropez
find it here

essie midnight tango
find it here

top coat seche vite... a MUST have!
find it here

shout out to my baby sis natalie for helping her big sis out!
check out her tumblr she's sucha cutie <3


and make sure to check out one of my favorite nail art blogs:

she is waaayyy too talented and inspirational!!

hope you enjoyed <3



christina h said...

they came out great. Unfortunately I couldn't do this because at work they'd chip and get damaged and I've be very upset. :( but looks very fun I must say.

stephiesosexy said...

thanks christina!

my nails chip all the time.. thats why i recommend seche vite top coat.


i swear by it... this top coat is very thick and very very shiny and VERY protective against anything that might mess up your nails... turns them into a glass like state lol..

seche vite dries very fast and does not mix with other colors in the bottle like most top coats do...

you can find seche vite at beauty supply stores or any pharmacy. they go from $5-$8 bucks

totally worth it!

stephiesosexy said...

and yes it is fun and even therapeutical... at least for me ;p <3

christina h said...

if that's the case maybe I should try it. I usually like doing fun things with my nails too. Different colors and the french line in diff colors. I've done stripes before, flowers, polka dots. This looks extreme and I'm sure my mess the first time is gunna be horrible lol but I must give it a try sometime. :)

stephiesosexy said...

ahh sweet you sound like you got some nail art talent up your sleeve! ;)

i'd love to see pics<3

calliflower said...

this is ssssooooooooo awesome!!

your the bomb for this. & even bomber for sharing.
me, like you, became obsessed with doing my own nails.
& you have just opened up a new door for me. me & my nails thank you!