Disney Delirium: Hollywood Studios!

Continuing on my Disney Delirium, the Disney Monorail comes to a stop at

Disney's Hollywood Studios!!!

Auto timer fail -___________-

I start my day off bikini-ing it up! Gettin ready to get some color :)


After my sunbathing, I get ready for my adventure at Disney's Hollywood Studios!

Shorts I'm wearing are made by yours truly <3 I have an infatuation with studs <3

Check out my "All Stud Everything" post HERE just in case ya missed it! 

Started off at Disney's boardwalk <3 

Beautiful and relaxing classic boardwalk with a Disney twist....

Then hopped aboard a cute little ferry that takes you to Hollywood Studios. 

There's plenty of ways to get to each park... buses, monorails, trains, shuttles, walking etc..
but I thought the ferry was a great way to indulge in some Disney sailing :)

Fairy on the ferry :)

WE'RE HERE!!!!! <3

When visiting the Disney parks, you can pay an individual price, or you can purchase a "Park Hopper" that allows you to visit more than one park per day for as many days as you like a single price! 

Totally worth it! 



Every park had an attraction schedule posted right at the entrance. 
Helping you plan your day accordingly :)

Aerosmith ride!!

The "Rockin RollerCoaster"..!!

A glow-in-the-dark, super thrilling rollercoaster ride featuring Aerosmith.

Loved it!

Now, anyone that knows me, KNOWS I am hella bold when it comes to all kinds and every kind of theme park thrill ride. And I would never wimp out of one! On the contrary, I make sure to hop on the front row of every ride! 


The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is the ONE and ONLY ride that scares the hell outta me.
Like SERIOUSLY terrifies me. So much, my heart beat speeds up just looking at it! 

But that didn't stop me from hopping on!!!!

Nail biting, sweaty palms, and even shaking a bit... I rode the Tower of Terror and SURVIVED!


I'm such a boss.

Inside the Tower of Terror hotel...!!! 

Kept strolling along after surviving one of my biggest fears!

One of Disney's genius gems!!
Fastpass allows you to enjoy your day at the park to its fullest potential! 

Everyone hates waiting in line at theme parks, and Disneys lines are NO JOKE!
Lines ranging from 30minutes to 180minutes...!!!

But! With a handy dandy FastPass, you don't have to waste your day waiting in a terrible line! All you do is pick up a FastPass at the front of every ride/show, and the FastPass will assign you a later time in which you can come back and not wait a single minute to enjoy yourself! 

So let's say you get to the AeroSmith ride around 1pm, but theres a 80minute wait to get on... You simply grab a FastPass, and would probably end up coming back at around 4pm to hop straight on the ride! Without any wait at all... and you can enjoy the rest of the park in the meanwhile!

And the best part is that the FastPass is FREE for everyone!

Genius Awesomeness!

I grabbed ahold of a Little Mermaid Show FastPass that told me to come back a couple of hours later. And checked out other awesome attractions in the meantime!

Like this great Disney cartoonist presentation. 
Demonstrating the basics in what makes Disney characters come to life on your screen :)

After the presentation, you get access to cartoon showcase! 

Bumped into Lightning Mcqueen....

And his gal pal Holley Shiftwell... Both in the upcoming Cars movie!

You can also get your pic taken with Mr.Mouse himself!

Check out some awards...

...and some gorgeous illustrations!

Gorgeously framed original Disney cels!

After the exhibition, I checked out the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular Show :)

Very much like the movies!

It was awesome to watch all the epic stunts these guys did!! Bringing in jets and everything!

Afterwards headed to the Lights,  Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show! 

This show was my fave!!

Car chases and stunts... The show is superb for a car enthusiast!



Next up was the Muppet Vision 3-D!

An interactive 3-D Muppets Show featuring the entire Muppet cast!

And filled with hilarious special effects! 

Check out Miss Piggys wardrobe... TOO cute!

Finally came time for me to go see The Voyage of The Little Mermaid live show!

The Little Mermaid is my all time favorite Disney movie as a kid and even now, so this show was a MUST-SEE for me! A live, glow in the dark show with puppets,  performers, special effects and movie clips. Recreating the movie itself <3

Couldn't get too many pics :( Flash photography wasn't allowed and it was pretty dark in there. 

Ursula! That bitch!

Moving on I hopped upon The Great Movie Ride attraction. A dark and slow ride that takes you on a tour through scenes of history's most famous films. Definitely a movie lovers delight!!

Singing in the Rain, Mary Poppins, Alien, Indiana Jones, and many more classics! 

"Here's looking at you, kid


Follow the yellow brick road!!!

Had to make a stop at the "Pixar Place" being a Pixar fan and all!

The Pixar region resembles the actual campus of Pixar Animation Studios in California!

The barrel of monkeys from Toy Story <3


Happen to accidentally get shot by the  Electromagnet Shrink Ray and shrunk down to the size of a blade of grass ^__^

lol jk just came across the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure Playground.

For ages 4+.... so don't judge me! ;p

So THIS is what it feels like to be only a few centimeters tall. Hmmmm...


The one and ONLY horrific thing about Disney... the immense amount of strollers... 

At the center of the park stands the Sorcerer's hat from Fantasia!

Made a wrong left turn and ended up back in NYC!

Brownstones??? Am I back in the west village??

A local bodega too??!!

Had to hop back on the train back to Orlando!

But ended up in San Francisco!

I've always wanted to visit!

Look at this beauty!


Ahh Disney's all about details <3 LOVE it!!


Time for the AWESOME nighttime extravaganza!

Hollywood Studios' show is called Fantasmic! It's been running since 1998..!! The show has all kinds of jawdropping effects such as fireworks, live actors, water effects, fire, music, boats, decorated rafts and projections onto large mist screens featuring reworked Disney Animation. Reenacting compilations of different memorable Disney movie scenes. Leaving you stunned!! Thousands of people grab spots hours before the spectacle because of the huge crowd that forms to watch!

Good news and bad news though....

Bad news:
My camera died

Good news:
Still had some juice left in my trusty iPhone!

Show starts off with Mickey in his "Sorcerer's Apprentice" attire. 

Scenes were projected onto huge water mists... using waterfalls as a screen... TOO phenomenal!

Lion King!

Fire spectacle on water!!

Can you spot Mickey?? 

Part of the finale, a huge Disney cast comes out to wave goodbye!

These nighttime shows leave you absolutely amazed!

 Next Stop on the Disney Monorail:  

Disney's Animal Kingdom!  

So stay tuned!!



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