Disney Delirium: Epcot Center!

Tell me... 
Where is the happiest place on earth...?

Tell me... 
Where can all of my dreams come true...?

Why... inside the one and only Disney World of course...!!!!

Welcome to my Disney Delirium! 
Where I'll be sharing with you the magical time I had this past spring, 
in the phenomenal and wondrous world of Disney..!! 

First stop on the Disney Monorail:
Epcot Center!! 

It's very hard for me to decide which of the four Disney parks I love the most. But no matter what, Epcot definitely has a special place in my heart <3. A very grown up park, Epcot is essential for the curious, knowledge hungry  mind. Epcot Center is a learning utopia. An outer space inspired haven and home to the World Showcase Pavilion. An around-the-world walkthrough 1 and a half mile long, where you can visit 11 different countries all aligned in clockwise order, surrounding a beautiful lagoon. You can start off the pavilion by having a margarita in Mexico then waltz on over to China and explore gorgeous vividly colored temples. 

I LOVE Epcot center for embracing worldwide cultures and sharing them with its visitors... 
encouraging you to pursue world travel <3

Entrance. ::chills::

Every angle is a perfect angle.

Super giddy and excited about my Disney adventure,
I HAD TO do a Minnie mouse inspired mani!!! 

Which received tons of compliments ^___^ !!

I paid WDW a visit in the springtime...
Just in time for the "Epcot Springs to Life" Flower show.. <3

Which was absolutely GORGEOUS..!

Hella touristy.


Everywhere you looked, Disney characters came to life adorned with all kinds of beautiful plant life <3

Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip <3

Beauty and the Beast <3

Cogsworth and Lumiere! 

Love these two!


A very Disney picnic <3

Minnie's so cute <3

I, of course, had to join the picnic fun ;)

Stitch!! He's sucha badass!

Lightning Mcqueen was also looking very floral <3

Th wonderful thing about tiggers, is tiggers are wonderful things!!!!


With such fantastic plant life everywhere, you're bound to bump into these little guys <3

And these graceful beauties!!

I used to be terrified of butterflies.

Don't judge me. Don't ask why.

Not anymore though!

Inside the enormous "golf ball", you find "Spaceship Earth".

An awesome, VERY interactive ride that takes you on a historical and futuristic timeline tour <3


Munnys Disney style!

These are superb!

I'm a thrill seeker, so NO ride goes unridden when I go to theme parks!

Started off with "Mission: Space"

This ride was hella intense!!!!!! Before you board, they let you pick an "Orange team" or a "Green team". Orange being the more intense ride. Quite obvious which one I chose ;)

You and three other people aboard a space mission and each take on a diffrent astronautical position. All working as a team while aboard a spaceship. With crazy twists, turns, and intense gravitational pressure, you actually FEEL like you're in some kind of spaceshuttle mission... It's CRAZY!!!!!!!! 

Moved onto "The Seas with Nemo & Friends".

Not really an intense ride, but more like an aquarium. Nemo style :)

Inside you find sea life of all kinds, interactive games, rides, and shows too! 

Huge Disney fish tank with Mickey decor ^__^

My faves!!!!!

So majestic <3

They had an AWESOME dolphin show!! This dolphin trainer interacted with these gorgeous babies as if they were humans. It was sooo lovely to watch!


Sigh <3 Oh Disney <3

Cute fountain where water spurts jumped from one pool to the other!

HAD TO stop and take a pic of this ridiculously CUTE family inspired by "The Incredibles"!!! 

SO adorable!!!!

Onto the Pavilions!!!! First stop: Mexico!


Inside the pyramid was a marketplace filled with all kinds of goodies 
like this gorgeous blue hat and this cute little pink one on top of it :)

And these adorable Donald Duck piñatas!!!

And this breathtaking mexican restaurant...!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3

Passing by Norway...

And got recruited by a KimPossible secret agent!!!

I was put on a KimPossible mission in Epcot Center... !!!

I was given a top secret cell phone, in which fellow secret agent Wade gave my top secret instructions on where to find clues in solving a top secret mission throughout Epcot...!!!

A clue.....

Then Wade told me to go to China!!!


Inside one of the temples was a gorgeous showcase of historical China.

Yours truly being the researcher she is, I discovered this great Coca Cola shop that let you try all kinds of sodas from all over the world, for free!!! 


Click on the pic above to read more about each soda :)

Some of the sugary carbonates were very yummy! 

But others were... terrible :(

Also tried a humongous turkey leg from  the American pavilion :)

Ahh.... Epcot at night <3 


Now time for my FAVORITE kind of disney show: 
the closing-time fireworks displays <33333333

Epcots fireworks display is called IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth

An award winning spectacle that takes place in the center of Epcot, right on the lagoon. Surrounded by 19 fired torches, representing Earths 19 countries. Consisting of fireworks, lasers, LED screens, music, waterworks, and fire. The show beautifully tells Earth's story of "Chaos" "Order" and "Meaning". Everything gorgeously on cue and in a melodically timely matter. It was absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!

Guaranteed Chills.

Next Stop on the Disney Monorail:

Disney's Hollywood Studios!

So stay tuned!!


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