Thunderwolf and his She-Wolves

there's a she-wolf in the closet...

The wonderfully talented ThunderWolf, and his two she-wolves StephieSoSexy and Cristalina, befell upon a luscious emerald-green forest, one radiant spring day. Alongside Mother Earth, helping unleash the wild within...

Discover Masahiro Ito's phenomenal designs,
modeled by the beautiful Cristalina, and yours truly.

"Mayan Princess"

Mother Nature was phenomenal that day... <3


Beautiful She-Wolf Cristalina...


S.S.S x Cristalina

White paw.

Black paw.

My favorite...!

some behind-the-scenes fun



cris is sooo cute!

haaaay ;)

im in love with his designs <33333

genuine wolfskin leathers and gorgeous handmade accessories <3

couple of foxes ;)


no limits!


 snap shot of the video footage we shot 

a man of many hats!

shout out to mas, steve, mas's friend photographer, and cristal for being hella awesome.


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christina hug said...

You and crystal look great. Pretty ladies