An Anonymous Affair Part 1

An Anonymous Affair.
Part 1 of  3

anonymity and a webcam video. 
the internet doesn't get any better than this.
oh and part 1 has introductory bloopers. enjoy.

part 1 questions:

how old are you?

what are your dreams in life?

can cupid catch you for me?

what are some of your favorite things to do on your spare time?

if you could accomplish one great task, what would it be?
(answered in the upcoming part 2)

keep em comin!

enjoy ;*




I admire that you use vimeo over youtube to post your videos. Very cool and ambitious. love the videos. it shows you care about your followers.

stephiesosexy said...

Thank you! I care highly about my followers <3 And yes vimeo is the bomb diggity ;)