SSS x SoulStarUniverse

SoulStarUniverse is an NYC based brand embracing simple yet visually appeasing designs. Inspired by comfortable casual looks, SoulStarUniverse's designs strives in giving the society of well-dressed people relaxed and mellow demeanor when sporting their gear. SoulStarUniverse takes pride in the exclusivity of their products, producing only a very limited amount of each style. The brand began in 2004 and has been revamped ever since. Showcased in over 30 boutiques worldwide, SoulStarUniverse has made boutiques such as Vinnies Styles and Invazion their home. From NYC to MIA to LA, SoulStarUniverse is recognized in the nations top cities. Future goals for the brand consist of maintaining the brands exclusivity, along with unleashing their very own boutique. SoulStarUniverse is now working on incorporating denim and various accessories into their collections.

I was absolutely thrilled when my good friend Stefon, photographer for the brand, asked me to model accessories from SoulStarUniverse. Although I have experience in modeling hats, i haven't done so in quite some time! So I can't deny I was a bit rough around the edges. But with the partnership between Stefon and I, I think we did a superb job! With a cozy casual character, and a touch of sex appeal, the collaboration between SSS x SoulStarUniverse came to life! Stefon was also kind enough to shoot some sultry black and white bed scenes with me, but those will be showcased on another post! In the meantime, check out SSS x SoulStarUniverse!

Hair&makeup by yours truly
Photography by Stefon Miller
Styling by SSS and Stefon Miller.

Make sure to check out SoulStarUniverse and
Stay tuned for the sexy bed scenes Stefon shot of SSS!


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