Mani Monday!

Happy New Year beautiful nail art enthusiasts!
And welcome to the first Mani Monday of 2012!

This week, I have only one mani to share with you gals, my golden-wine gradient mani pictured above. I began with a solid, deep plum shade. Then with an eyeshadow brush, I dabbed on a shimmery golden gradient. The two shades go beautifully together! If you look closely, you'll be able to notice the difference between the ring finger and the rest of the mani. As an accent, I decided to reverse the gradient on the ring finger, giving the mani a  bit more personality. I am planning on doing a gradient tutorial video soon for any gals having trouble with their gradient manis so stay tuned! 

NYC "Manhattan" // OPI "Glitzerland"

Eyeshadow brush

Till next mani!


Rabiosa said...

I love it. I am dieing to get my nails to grow long enough to try some of your mani ideas, any suggestions/tips?

S.S.S said...

Thank you!! Growing your nails can be hella tough! But once dedicated, it becomes a habit you def wanna show off. I recommend always using a great base coat (one that specifies in nail protection/nutrition), daily vitamins, and always keeping your tips polished!

You've inspired me to do a nail care post!