Mani Monday!

2012 Year of the Dragon mani!

Welcome to this weeks Mani Monday!
The second mani showcase of 2012 :) This week, I share with you all two brand new manis, along with a product feature! Ever so often, I'll have a special product featured on my Mani Monday, one that I highly recommend for your nail care/nail art! Hope you gals enjoy this weeks manis!

Casual Red-Orange striped mani.

Tried this gorgeous bright coral shade one day this week, as a suggested color. I had a long thin nail brush I had never tried using before (was a bit intimidated by the length of the brush). Turned out to be a very easy to control brush! Did these two striped with ease! Kinda reminds me of Adidas..!

Borghese "Capri Coral" // SinfulColors "Snow Me White"

Nail Art Brush

Happy 2012!

Year of the DRAGON!

Had to show my dragon love with these 2012 year of the DRAGON tips! Red and gold are the colors of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac. And the cool thing is, the DRAGON is my Chinese zodiac sign! A 2012 year of the Dragon was destined!!

Did a scale like design, representing the mystical dragon, on top of a clear coat base, making the gorgeous red and gold shade POP! This mani got tons of great feedback!


Jesses Girl "Fools Gold" // Mattesse "Jelly and Jam"

Dotting Tool

Mani Monday's Featured Product!

The amazing clear top coat Seche Vite. What I like to call, the nectar of the nail art gods. This is the absolute BEST top coat I have ever had the pleasure of applying to my little tips. I heard about this top coat amongst nail art enthusiasts, but once I actually tried it out fro myself, I fell deep in nail-art LOVE!

This top coat leaves your nails as smooth as glass. Incredibly fast drying, incredibly glossy, and incredibly protective against chips and cracks. This top coat not only hardens your nails, but keeps your mani bright and chip-free for days and days! It smooths out designs and seals with protection without smearing the colors. You can top coat 398472 shades, and no shades will ever stick to the actual top coat itself... always stays crystal clear. This is the ONLY top coat I use, and the ONLY top coat I recommend! It's actually the absolute #1 polish I recommend! It'll run you anywhere from $6 to $10 and it lasts me about 2 months (and I do a different mani every other day). Available at almost every pharmacy and every beauty supply shop I've been too. A MUST HAVE!!

Hope you gals enjoyed this weeks Mani Monday!

Till next mani!


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