Cancun Lovin...!!

Hello my loveliesss!!!!

It's your girl SSS checking in after a very blog-neglectful hiatus..!! And my reason for such abandonment is in the hands of my little teddy Richard in the picture above. Yes, the absolutely GORGEOUS city of Cancun captivated my mind soul and body just within a matter of days. And I must say, it was one of the most life changing, inspirational, and magnificent week I have had in my entire 23 years of life!!!!

Within the last week, I spent my days falling helplessly in love with what I now consider paradise. Mexico welcomed my thirsty curiosity, anointed my intellectual and carnal desires,  and soothed my ever-so-agitated state of mind!! While in paradise, I not only indulged in turquoise blue oceans and an all inclusive lifestyle,  but I also went on fantastic adventures! From trailing preciously historic ruins, to swan diving into magical cenotes, and exploring all Mexico's remarkable culture and traditions!

Its so hard to put in words what a phenomenal time I had! But I CAN share my adventures with you guys through SSS blog and the tons of documentation I did while in paradise! So if you're interested in taking a tour of my time in Cancun, stay tuned for my upcoming posts: Cloud 9 Cancun!


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