Wisdom Tooth Terror!

Hey loves! Just wanted to update you guys on why I haven't been as attentive to blogging lately... I have been suffering from what every 20-something year old goes through: the terrors of the WISDOM TOOTH! Yes, I have become a victim of the horrors this age brings. And I've been in-and-out the dentist every day! I have some sort of wisdom tooth complication (FML!) and will be seeing the doctor and a surgeon quite often within the next week or so. This tooth has been killin me and forcing me to stay in bed and live off meds and liquid food. That's enough to make a girl go CRAZY!!!  I just updated with a few posts, and will continue to do so unless my evil tooth forbids me from doing so! I'm hanging in there on tons of meds and painkillers ;( So if you follow me on twitter or instagram, you will most definitely see me venting my pain away ;(  Wish me luck!!! <3

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k said...

Oh no thats horrible.. Good Luck.. i still havent had to go thru it yet but I'm dreading the day!