Recruiting Q&A's for Anonymous Affair Pt4!

An Anonymous Affair part 3.

Hey guys! If you've kept up with my blog, you've seen all of the random questions I've answered throughout my blogging. I have even made videos answering your questions! The series is called "An Anonymous Affair" and it has three parts with about 5 questions each part. The video you see up there is part 3 of 3 out of the "Anonymous Affair" videos.

Check out part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE

I am now recruiting questions for a part 4 video! 
Feel free to ask me anything via my FORMSPRING or via my TUMBLR

You can ask me anything anonymously or bravely. Be creative <3

The video will be up this week when I have a good amount of different types of questions.

So hit a brotha up!!!

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