Mani Monday!

Mani Monday time!!!!!

This week I am featuring two new China Glaze manis! My nails have been a bit short, but that doesn't mean they can't be FABULOUS!! I would have had more but manis this week, but I am trying to let my nails grow out a bit more! So by next week they should be at a decent length therefore MORE MANIS!


CRACKLE really POPS!!!!

Its always a bit tough for me to decide what manis accent short nubby nails best. I usually go for a russian red, it looks fabulous on short nails! But  I was feeling a bit funky and wanted a bright eye catching color. With a design of course! And so I decided to give this new China Glaze Crackle a try!

Crackle is always a favorite of mine, due to its simplicity in application and yet still eye-catching results! I always have found crackle to be a superb design idea for short nubby nails, being that most designs are harder to do on short nails. Crackle polishes crack on their own and take care of the intricate design process for you!

I've been getting very bored of regular ol' black/white crackles.
 So this China Glaze teal was the way to go!

I <33333333 China Glaze!!!

Essie "Trophy Wife" // China Glaze Crackle "Crushed Candy"

Another short nail mani idea....


I LOVEEEEE doing pinstripe designs! Specially on short nails. 

A little secret: The vertical lines give off a long-nail illusion, the stripes help resemble lenght! Perfect for short nubby nails! I definitely want to do pinstripes more often..  although the design process is a little long, it's definitely worth it! I make the stripes using strips of tape as stencils, giving me a perfect vertical line! One that's much harder to achieve freehand!


Essie "Midnight Tango" // China Glaze "Lemon Fizz"


Till next mani!


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