Jilt for Fame

"To Jilt - To cast aside a loved one / leave one at the alter.  
Jilt for Fame is the sacrifice of love in pursuit of passion 
 Absolute Dream commitment   
Till fame do us part..."

Dreamchasers are soon to be (if not already) Jilters. Sacrifice after sacrifice, Jilters forever keep their eye on the prize. Through blood, sweat, and tears, a Jilters pursuit is never halted no matter the consequence. Because the thirst of a Jilter cannot be quenched by nothing else but by pure success. 

These are the fundamentals behind the ever so meaningful clothing label Jilt for Fame. Absolute dream commitment. Unlike most of todays casual menswear, Jilt for Fame embraces a deep significance behind every design, weaving the pursuit of passion into every piece. Anointing the sacrifices true jilters commit throughout their journey to prosperity.

Jilt for Fame has unleashed their 2011 lookbook. Yours truly had the pleasure of being a part of it. After being greatly inspired by the brands superb significance,  I was absolutely delighted to be a part of the Jilt for Fame team. Being that I definitely consider myself a jilter too. 

Check out these influential designs by Jilt for Fame.

Second Thoughts tee in heather.

Jilter Orange tee

Till Fame tee

Monogram tee

Til Fame tee

High Rollers tee

Jilter Blue tee

Second Thoughts purple tee

Photography by Chayanne Joël

Gorgeous makeup by Nicole Lyba

Make sure to check out JiltforFame.com for more on this superb new label.


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F said...

Cool new line, they're lucky to have you to make them look so good and to shine a light on what they're doing. Those shots of you came out fierce! You don't usually do the smoky eye, you look very bad in a very good way. Pick up one of those calligraphy Tees for me?