S.S.S Beach Bummin It!

Ahhhhh summahtime!!! The ultimate BEST annual gift mother nature blesses NYC with! With the sunshine beaming and the ocean waves crashing, I was anticipating a 2011 beach bikini shoot. And who else to shoot it but my AWESOME photographer friend Merisi aka Mirror51. I don't have many favorite photographers nor actual photographer FRIENDS, but Mirror 51 is all of the above and more! Charming, hilarious, caring, superb with lighting and a great eye for capturing a models best looks. I also love how particular he is about the models he chooses to shoot. It's very important for photographers to be picky with the females they put in front of their lenses!! I love Merisi's work so much, I put his work on my blog's header AND on my business card :) Check out Mirror51 here.

We shot at a gorgeous secluded beach location. Merisi worked it with phenomenal lighting and yours truly worked the camera. I also had the pleasure of shooting with my new photographer friend Oliver! He was also on location and shot me on the rocks along the shore. I was very impressed by Olivers superb gift at snapping some stunning shots. He was so sweet and chillaxed, and an awesome oil boy! I'd love to work with him again <3.  Check him out at Oliver Photo here.

We were having such a great time snapping away, Merisi decided we should shoot a video. I SUCK at video lol but thanks to Merisi and Oliver's great coaching, I think I did pretty well! Make sure to check out the video at the end of the post and let me know how I did!

Check out S.S.S's summer beach bikini shoot!!!

*click on images for a hi-rez view :)

*The following pics were lightly edited by yours truly :)

Oliver shot this! He's soo awesome!

A *favorite* of mine <3 Shot by OliverPhoto

*Here are some behind the scenes shots!!!!

My awesome Merisi and I!!!!

Merisi and my fishies!!!!

Bunny ears -__________-


Oliver and I!!! We took a quick picture break from getting me oiled up :)

Shot and put together by Mirror51.

Thanks to Merisi and Oliver for being AWESOME video coachers!!!!!!

Shots by Mirror51 and OliverPhoto

Wardrobe and makeup by SSS <3

I refuse to believe summers over so I can't WAIT for another beach shoot ^___^

**This was shot back in June. I had been a bit hesitant in posting my bikini shoot being that I was a bit fearful my work would be seen as too provocative or even worse, trashy. It has been called that and many other things in the past ;*(. But with the help of great friends and great advice, I was able to overcome that fear and just be proud of my work :)

So hope you enjoyed ^___^


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Fotografíca de la calle said...

your work is great!!!!
provocative yea! is that bad NO!!!
yo look sexy but with lots of class with it. and the video is great girls should watch it to learn what to do when at a shoot..