Disney Delirium: Animal Kingdom!

The Tree of Life

 Continuing on my Disney Delirium, the Disney Monorail comes to a stop at  
Disney's Hollywood Studios!!!

So Welcoming!

It's my third day on my unforgettable Disney adventure and time for me to visit Disney's own zoo... Animal Kingdom!! 

With the phenomenal Tree of Life welcoming you at the door.

The tree is located at the very center of the park. You can see it no matter where you are. And it's definitely a sight to see!

Disney's visuals never fail to leave me completely breathless. 
The amount of effort and talent that goes into every detail is like nothing else!

This park is the most vivid of all the parks. 
Resembling a lost jungle, you encounter nature's vibrancy wherever you look!

I look quite dumb :)

Being an Animal Kingdom and all, you come across such gorgeous babies (I call animals babies ''/)
everywhere you look!! And they'll be in arms reach!

Here and there and all over the park, you find such sweet colorful surprises!

This duckie stood on one leg for hours! He's so talented!

More lovely duckies! The one on the right looks like a painting... <3 BEAUTIFUL!

Found this little fella on one of the paths in the park. Had to creep up and take a pic!

Thought these duckies were hella cute! ;)

One of my FAVORITES in the bird life... FLAMINGOS <3

They remind me of Florida... My second home <3

And it doesn't hurt that they're covered in gorgeous shades of pink!

Did you know that flamingos are actually born white and get their color from the shrimp they eat?


Took a walk into an awesome batcave!

LOOK at these ridiculously dope bat babies!

I want one :(


Took a hike on a tiger forest!


Gorgeous <3

After seeing all these animalistic beauties, I realized I still had the rest of the park to explore!

Algae covered river.. beautiful!

This mountain is actually a thrill ride called "Expedition Everest"!  With a Mt. Everest / Yeti horror theme... It's definitely the park's BEST ride!

I got to ride it 3 times :)

Goofy cuties!!


The park is divided into 7 areas: 

Oasis, Discovery Island,  Camp Minnie-Mickey, Africa, Rafiki's Planet Watch, Asia, and Dinoland.

Each one with it's own adventure.

Hey hey!!!


Midday, there was an elaborate parade with everyones favorite Disney characters dressed in safari gear!

Minnie my fave! Sick whip!



All the fun from the parade left me hella hungry... 

Got some BBQ ribs bean and coleslaw for lunch! OH YES!!

Had to have a nice big lunch to prepare me for my SAFARI EXPEDITION <3

On my way to the safari, stumbled upon this beautiful school of fish <3

It's safari time baby!!

I was SO excited for this part! Went on an awesome safari tour and got to visit beautiful animals with an up close and personal view! 

Timon <3

Gorilla cutie!

Say word?

Lovely view <3

Cute rhino stopping by to get a drink <3

Pool party!

Hippo!! <3

Come at me bro!!

Cute crocs maxin and relaxin <3 

Up close and personal! 

Other safari-ers!

Hella horny! ;p

Ugh fell in LOVE with this majestic giraffe <3

But he was shy and kept camouflaging behind trees ;(

Still a beauty!


So happy to see elephants in the tour. 

Checked out some ostriches. So cute!


King of the junglie sitting atop a small cliff overlooking his kingdom :)

My safari ended :( Saw this great visual and had to stop by and take a pic :)


Moving along...
Sigh <3

Ssiiiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhhh <3

Saw this little guy chillen on while I was indulging in the port pictured above.

He was hella quick to run away but not quicker than my Canon's shutter ;)

He's shaped in a letter S, that's his way of greeting me ;)


Moved along to DinoLand. And hopped on the "Dinosaur" ride... 

A time traveling thrill ride where you get chased by an enormous T-REX..!! 

Feels hella real and sooo exciting!


Managed to catch the "Festival of the Lion King" show!

A Broadway-like show filled with singing, dancing, puppetry and visual effects. 
An audience interactive spectacle with a beautiful re-presentation of The Lion King!




Headed to Camp Minnie-Mickey and had my picture taken with the beautiful Minnie Mouse!

Her outfit was FABULOUS!

And Donald was so handsome<3

Checked out "It's Tough to be a Bug!" interactive 3D show located inside the Tree of Life. The show is based on the movie A Bug's Life, and shows the hardships poor little bugs have to go through on an everyday life, and makes the audience go through them! Giving us a taste of our own medicine! Interactive, cute, and absolutely HILARIOUS!

Downtown Disney!

The night drew in as I got into my "LETSSS GET CRUNNKKK!!!" mood ;p 

Got dolled up too!

Yet,  I was still in my Disney swag, 
so it was decided that DOWNTOWN DISNEY was the destination for the night!

Feelin fancy getting chauffeured to DD!

Downtown Disney has a grown up, boardwalk-feel, with tons of shops and restaurants!

Walking along DD, you come across "Pleasure Island"!!

Awesome Dinosaur themed restaurant!

Up, Up and away <3 Beautiful hot air balloon in one of the DD ports.

This cutie was made out of LEGOS!!!! HOTT!!

I love legos!!!!!

Had to lay one on the fiery lego dragon!!

Hungry and in the mood for some drinks, Planet Hollywood was the place to go!

Picture moment in front of Planet Hollywood's fountain entrance :)

Being a movie junkie, I love visiting Planet Hollywood! 
Th restaurants bombarded with real props from Hollywoods best flicks, 
and provides awesome drinks and dining!

My camera died so I wasn't able to take too many pics ;'(

Yum!!! Finished my fancy cocktail and got in the mood for a yummy strawberry mango shot!

You get to keep the shot glass as a souvenir when you buy a shot! HOT!!

  Next Stop on the Disney Monorail:   

Disney's Magic Kingdom!    

So stay tuned!!


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