Mani Monday!

Welcome to this weeks bright and colorful Mani Monday!

Featuring two new summer manis along with a handy tutorial on how to fix a broken nail!

Enjoy <3

Crackles are VERY popular nowadays... most of us ladies have at least 1 bottle. I  know I do! 

Although, I love white crackles more than black crackles. Specially for the summertime!

Picked up this Brucci shade this week. I have been eyeballing it for a while now. I actually did this mani while tanning at the pool lol crackles are so easy yet come out looking great :)

Kind of looks like turquoise lightning >)

Polish: Brucci's "Murray Me!" // Sally Hansen's Crackle "Snow Blast"


Inspired by summertime's lovely blossoming beauties, I love doing flower manis quite often! And it's fun to play with the color combinations when it comes to this design. Done using a dotting tool, I freehand the flower designs. 

First I dab 4-5 simple dots going around in a circle, then swirl each dot inwardly towards the center, creating the petal effect. And finally adding a dot in the middle creating the flower. 

This time though, I was feeling fancy and added a little sparkle to the center :) It was a nice touch considering the way the small sparkle accents glistened in the sun <3

Polishes: China Glaze "Solar Power" // China Glaze "Flying Dragon" // Sinful Colors "Rise and Shine" // KleanColor "Tiara Gold" 

Tool: Dotting Tool

How to fix your little terrors!! 

We've all gone through it. Finally letting our nails grow, we will unfortunately come across breaking one. Complete and utter sadness!!! I get very discouraged when breaking a nail, So much that I'll even file ALL of them back down to nubs, starting from scratch again! Nothing worse than uneven nails!

But no need to give up ladies!! Simply mend that little sucker back together and show him who's BOSS!!


1. A hardening/strengthening clear polish. Not just any top/base coat. 

****You can also use krazy glue instead! I would have used krazy glue for this tutorial but didn't have any at hand ;( Once I get myself a bottle, I'll show you guys how to mend a broken nail with krazy glue instead! Both ways work just fine!

2. Teabag

3. Small scissors

4. Nail file/ Buffer (optional)

Here's the little monster ;(

Start off with clean unpolished nails. Make sure you've filed them beforehand.

Firstly, drain your teabag of its tea. So you end up with just the bag itself. 

Snip off a little square piece. 

NOT big enough to cover your whole nail, just big enough to cover the entire breakage area.

Save the rest of the unused teabag for future breakage.

Apply 1 coat of the hardening/strengthening polish. 

Next... WHILE THE POLISH IS WET, cover the crack with the bit of teabag you snipped off. 

It's ok to have excess tissue sticking out the nail (like pictured above).

You can fold over the excess tissue around the breakage and nail. In a way mending the nail. I suggest adding some strengthening polish to the back of the nail where the tissue folded over. Just so it can stick to the other side too.

After you wrapped the breakage with the tissue, snip away any excess tissue. So the tissue ends up only on the entire breakage area... like pictured above :)

Add 1-2 more coats of strengthening/hardening polish atop of the tissue and the entire nail.

The tissue should cover the breakage smoothly once you top coat it with the polish. 

Let dry :)

Now your nail is ready to get hella glamorized again! The pic above and all of my manis since last week and NOW include the mended nail I used to make this tutorial. If you look at my manis, you cant even tell its broken! The teabag will hold the nail in place and acts like a bandaid to the crack. Holding it together. 

If you decide to remove your manicure, re-apply a new teabag snippet to the breakage again. Do so until the your nail grows the crack out to the topmost part, in which you can file it away at that point.

If you keep your nails polished with 2+ coats oftenly, this will shield the crack, providing protection. 

So keep those tips painted!! Even if its just with clear coat!!

Next week I'll get my hands on a bottle of krazy glue and show you gals a more effective way to mend your tiny terrors!

Questions? Comments? Hit me up!!!!

Till next mani!



Stephanie said...

Love your mani Monday posts! You have definitely inspired me to do some amazing nail designs :)

stephiesosexy said...

Thank you!!! So flattering and so awesome of you <3