stephiesosexy x m51

s.s.s checking in..!!! 
...taking you on a tour of her latest shoot ;)

mirror 51 is a brooklyn based photographer... and one of my super duper DUPER faves <3 i've shot with m51 about three times and always come home ever-so-happy with his awesome captures. very experienced, flexible, SUPER chill,  and a great eye.  his shots are all about the model and he is quite a  lighting genius. nowadays i prefer doing paid shoots over anything else, but i do have my personal favorite photogs whom i'll shoot tf* anytime simply because they leave me breathless! m51 is one of these photographer gems <3 he benefits the hell outta my portfolio, when working with him. we always make an awesome team <3 he's superb in or outdoors but his beach shots will DEF leave you impressed... too cold for the beach right now tho :'(

i have this long sleeve american apparel bodysuit that i have been dying to shoot in. but i had this certain look in my brain that not just any photog can nail. i knew m51 would bring my vision to life <3 this shoot has been sneaked peaked on my facebook and tumblr. it has gotten such ridiculously positive feedback. alot of this great feedback, leading people to my blog <3 awesomeness....!!! 

my first look (bodysuit) was very 90's inspired, without going overboard. i wanted to keep it natural yet eye catching. bodysuit themselves are very 90's plus i added the burly mane of curls, adding to the look. i also expirimented with my vintage leather jacket... def taking it back to a "saved by the bell" type feel.

playing around with naturally tousled hair, flirty attire,  and crimson puckered lips, i was going for an "all about me" kinda shoot. blunt, bright, and to the point. no fancy shamncyness, no great outdoors, no extravagancy, no distractions.  just the s.s.s and all her splendor...

make up and styling by yours truly, unruly ;) <3
retouched by m51

here's some 
unedited shots ^__^

silly nilly ;p

check out m51's AWESOME shots at 



tanya lavache said...

Great shoot! Oh how I love Merici!! Your body suit pic is my fav!!

S.S.S said...

thankies!!! it's aa so check it out it comes in a trillion diffrent colors ;) and yes merici is awesomeeeeeee

thanks again <3 <3 <3

Rhaza AKA Pinky said...

Beautiful!!! you just became my background!