yes. still under construction.

@ work now. i love how my blog has gotten me back into html&css&desiging. its a love&hate relationship though. because working on this has been keeping me up real late... but lately i haven't had the urge to do anything other than be by myself in my room. this has been going on for a while now. i just don't feel the same. like somethings missing. where's my puzzle piece???? i feel overwhelmingly incomplete. like i'm missing an organ or something. this blog helps fill some of that void. yeah, i know very lame of me but honestly nothing captures me anymore. it's as if everything and everyone around me is one big blur. i now have this ugly expectation that everything and everyone around me is (sooner or later) going to end up a disappointment. a distress. i see NO buoyancy, NO light in anyone or anything . just one big gloomy downfall waiting to happen. i try not to get too personal in my blog. try not to touch upon my personal life. my intimate feelings. i'll show the tip of the iceberg but try my best not to submerge.


Anonymous said...

"We question our lives because our lives are like puzzles. you try and find the pieces to complete your life. the right job..the right home...the right freinds...the right relationship. these are all peices that you fit in to your puzzle. when the peices fit right.. you find solace. but sometimes your puzzle changes. dont be afraid.. dont hold to the past. you are just learning about who you really are. you'll find that some things no longer fit into your new puzzle.. and surprises come from pieces that didnt fit before..but do now." -[Gibran Malik]

Jose said...

i told my mom i be feeling like that. she said you're gonna keep feeling like that until you find god...he's the missing piece

May said...

want you to know that I miss you and think about you more than you'll ever know. No matter what happened I will always hold you very close to my heart and think of you as an amazing in the short time i've known you. if u ever need a friend i'll be here. Wish things would have turned out different.. I hope you're doing well. <3


stephiesosexy said...

@king sage
Thank you so much for your inspirational quote. I highly appreciate it and have read it over and over again.

awww every time you talk about your mom she seems to be such an intelligent woman ;)

Thank you for the comment. it really touched my heart. you know how i feel about you. and how i see you as someone so unique, angelic, and genuine. i also wish things hadn't turned out the way they did. but hopefully our paths will cross once again. take care and thanks <3